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'Animal Crossing' villagers are moving to Build-A-Bear workshop to become adorable plushies! Here’s what we know about Build-A-Bear's best crossover yet.

Build-A-Bear ‘Animal Crossing’: Spend your bells on the best villagers

Were you a young kiddo when the Build-A-Bear frenzy hit? Did you ever go to the mall to pick out your dream plush and fill it with stuffing yourself? Picking a scent, sounds, & outfits was such a delight as a child. 

At the time the choices seemed to be limited to your basic animal categories: bears, cats, dogs, etc.. Choices, of course, have evolved to include a range of colorful stuffed animals. Imagine seeing your favorite video game characters as an option!

You’re in luck, because Build-A-Bear just announced that their new line of stuffed animal products will be based on the Nintendo video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With Animal Crossing’s widespread popularity in the gaming community, the Build-A-Bear collection said the new stuffed animals to be “fun for all ages”.

Are you psyched to see the best and most beloved Animal Crossing villagers become adorable plushies? Here’s everything we know about the cute Build-A-Bear & Animal Crossing crossover.

Build-A-Bear collaborations

This Animal Crossing partnership isn’t the first time Build-A-Bear has introduced fun outside characters from video games to their stuffed animal assortment. Their inventive partnerships have produced stuffed animals that were total hits, & customers had the best reactions to them. 

Build-A-Bear previously teamed up with Nintendo to include Pokémon such as Pikachu (obviously), Eevee, Bulbasaur, & Dragonite, and they even released a Super Mario plush and a Sonic the Hedgehog plush in 2020. 

Though, video games aren’t just what Build-A-Bear is interested in. The company also partnered with ColourPop for a make-up line as well as Disney hits like Frozen. But perhaps the cutest crossover addition was with Star Wars to introduce a Baby Yoda plushie.  

The Workshop has also added crossover outfits & accessories from Pokémon as well as Harry Potter, Marvel, & Wizard of Oz. Can you imagine a plushie wielding a want or wearing little ruby red slippers? We can’t help but wonder if Build-A-Bear will release Animal Crossing accessories like fishing rods or nets to adorn your plushie. 

Which villagers will be available?

Which villagers will Build-A-Bear likely deem best to include in their workshop? Everyone has their predictions & Animal Crossing favorites, but we have no way to know for sure which villagers will be moving on over to the workshop.

We feel rather positive we will see the Animal Crossing’s best Shizue secretary, Isabelle who has been the face of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and previous games as well. Isabelle even made it to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so we have no doubt she’ll work her way up to Build-A-Bear. Another sound prediction is Tom Nook, the recurring tanuki who always plays an important role in the games. 

Other favorites include Flick, Blathers, Stitches, & Celeste. With nearly 400 villagers who have appeared throughout the Animal Crossing games, there are plenty of possibilities. We have no doubt that any of these characters will make for the most endearing Build-A-Bear buddies. (But we certainly hope our personal favorites will be an option, of course!) 

When will they hit Build-A-Bear?

Sadily, Build-A-Bear hasn’t given a date for when you can get your hands on an Animal Crossing stuffed animal. The announcement solely said the crossover is “COMING SOON!” 

In order to get a better idea about when the villagers will make their way to Build-A-Bear Workshop, the company encouraged everyone to “Sign up for free email & text updates so you don’t miss a thing!”

Which Animal Crossing character do you want to see in Build-A-Bear? Let us know in the comments.

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