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Nintendo has teased its E3 presentation. Could it really contain news on 'BotW 2'? Manifest with Twitter on getting a release date.

Nintendo E3: Could ‘BOTW 2’ finally get a release date announced?

Breath of the Wild 2, the official sequel to the gorgeous Breath of the Wild, has been on the minds of Zelda fans for years. Ever since it was announced, we’ve been wondering just when we will see it. How will it happen? What will the gameplay be like? What can we expect from this latest entry into the Zelda franchise? Well, we don’t know because details have been scarce ever since the sequel was announced.

While the knowledge of BOTW 2 is definitely something to hold close to our hearts. We still don’t know when the release date is. Due to COVID-19? It could be awhile as BOTW 2 was, reportedly, impacted by the pandemic. Fans are still hoping there will be BOTW 2 news at Nintendo’s presentation at E3, which is a mega trade event for the video game industry as a whole. 

So will we see a release date for BOTW 2? Unclear at this time. We’ve all been burned before. But here are some of our fave tweets about people freaking out over the possibility. 

We are very predictable

Ah yes. The chanting that occurs every time Nintendo has an announcement to make.


Summoning time

Manifest that energy into the world! 


Zelda fans wanting that BOTW 2 release date

We. Have. Risen.


BBQ joycons? 

Possibly get ready to help this guy eat his joycons.



It’s the most disappointing thing ever, isn’t it? 


Say BOTW 2

Just . . . mention it


Let us innnnnnnnnn!!!

We’re not patient people, Nintendo!!! 



Time to manifest. Manifest like the wind.


*grabby hands*

Look at how gorgeous it looks. We saw this in 2019. Before the world ended.


The #1 wishlist for BOTW 2 outside of the release date

Give the people what they want. Let us pet the dogs! 

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