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Video games give us a unique storytelling experience. We’ve gathered some of the best android sex games on the market today. See what you're missing!

Try out these erotic, mobile sex games designed for Android devices

Video games have a way of giving us a unique storytelling experience. They can make us feel like gods, giving us control over a universe. They bring us to new realities, sometimes with captivating puzzles, mini-games and images engaging us by their attention to detail. And it seems like we can find video games for anything, including some of life’s greatest intimate moments. 

Looking for the most addictive sex games on your android device? The adult gaming market is skyrocketing. You can play a ton of titles on a Window PC but what about the more flexible gaming on your android? How does playing sex games on the move sound?

We’ve gathered some of the best android sex games on the market today. From realism to fantasy, there’s something for everyone!

Angry Bangers

Inside a dystopian/steampunk world, they’ll put you somewhere that’s expensively detailed with palaces, slums, medieval kingdoms, city streets governed by militant gangs, and dark underworlds. 

You control your own gang – thus, you must protect your people from rivals and maintain your territory. You bid to take control of your city while you stay hungry for the need to expand your stretch and conquer new territories. You thrive on your powerful influence in this action-packed drama. 

But it wouldn’t be an adult game without plenty of XXX love scenes. You’ll meet plenty of characters very eager to screw their way to the top. You could choose from gangbangs, orgies, or one-on-one action. You’ll have collections of sex scences to unlock as you move up in this game. 

Packed with tons of interesting characters, one-hundred twenty guns, seventy-five cars, fifty-five rare skills, and astounding 3D graphics, Angry Bangers is more than addictive. 

Depraved Awakening

Depraved Awakening is a colorful novel that takes place in Free City. You’ll be a private detective. The story will begin with a tragedy. One of your latest clients was found dead. The police have declared it a suicide which may makes sense at first. But after giving it some further thought, “suicide” doesn’t sound right. 

You decide to look a little deeper. There’s obviously more going on than meets the eye. Soon, you find yourself enveloped in a dark and dangerous underworld. You risk a forthcoming bullet to your head for asking too many questions.

In this game, you’ll truly inhabit another world where you’re gifted with free will just like on earth. You’ll have a lot of control over the direction of this game. You’ll see plenty of choices in the story, so you could be a good guy or a bad guy. But every decision you make, will affect your end result. And there are many endings to this game!

As you’d expect, there are lots of sex pieces to these stories. They’ll include prostititution, sex, and violence. But you might just fall in love with the graphics for these scenes. 

Summertime Saga

In Summertime Saga, you’ll meet a college student who just moved to a small suburban town while dealing with the mysterious death of his father. You’ll help him explore his new home while he starts a new school. Help him cope with potentially dangerous characters who are steady after his dad’s unpaid debts. 

With more than sixty-five characters to interact with and thirty plus locations to navigate, you’ll make your own way through this game. 

It’s sex content has been called, “off the scale” with kinks like spanking and trans characters. And there’s still new content being added as we type!

Looking for sex games on your android? You’ve come to the right place and we know there’s more! Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments!


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