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'Among Us' has skyrocketed in popularity so the developers have promised to update the game to make it even better. Here are the current changes.

‘Among Us’ drops a beta update: Everything to know about it

It’s easy to gawk at how fantastic Among Us has become – communities are weaving together all over the place in order to play the beloved social deduction game. Enamoured with the “whodunnit” premise, gamers have enjoyed the simple yet genius foundation for the fun Among Us possesses. 

However much we can compliment the game, Among Us certainly isn’t without its flaws. The more you play Among Us, the more ways you can imagine it being just a little bit better. Luckily, Among Us developer InnerSloth seems to be all ears when it comes to player suggestions.

With the insane popularity of the first Among Us, InnerSloth made the right move by canning their work on Among Us 2. This redirects their focus, giving them more time to develop essential updates to the game everyone knows and loves. 

On October 10, InnerSloth released a beta update implementing three new features to PC users. These excellent updates have directly addressed some of the primary gripes players have with Among Us. Here’s a close look into the newest beta version of Among Us.

Obsessive taskbar tracking

Let’s face it – being the impostor might be the most fun, but it’s also super hard to win. Eagle-eyed players will do everything it takes to expose the impostor, including keeping careful watch of the taskbar. 

Before the beta, the taskbar was always up there for all to see. It would also update live whenever someone finished a task. This function made it really easy for a crewmate to spot an impostor who was trying to fake a task. If you constantly monitor the task bar it gives the crewmates a crazy advantage. The impostor’s job is hard enough without this added strategy. 

With this new beta you can change it so that the taskbar never shows up – or that it only appears when a meeting is called. This also means that the crew has no idea how many tasks are left to complete. The crewmates will have a little extra pressure on their plates, sometimes having to scramble to get everything done. Impostors, on the other hand, will be able to blend in a little more.


Aggressive voting

Originally, when voting time came around in a meeting, it always displayed who was voting for whom. One surefire way to deem someone “sus” is if they vote for someone uncalled for. If a vote comes out of nowhere, it could be obvious that they’re just trying to eliminate those pesky crewmates making their job hard. 

As an impostor, voting an innocent crewmate off is an easy way to deplete their forces and come out triumphant. Killing someone by vote is a lot swifter than trying to sneakily shank them.

Developers certainly had impostors in mind by including the option to turn on anonymous voting. This anonymous voting update gives impostors a little bonus, allowing them to vote aggressively without ousting themselves. If you find that the impostors are having a hard time in the games you play, it’s worth considering this option to even the playing field a little bit.

Colorblind amenities 

People who are colorblind should be able to play Among Us too! One task in particular is totally impossible for colorblind players – fixing the wires. Before the update, you had to be able to see what color the wires are on each side of the interface in order to connect them and accomplish the task. 

InnerSloth added a simple solution to this hiccup in the update. The colored wires now also have symbols that can be matched, allowing colorblind players to complete the task with ease. Unlike the other two updates, this addition is not optional – why would it be?

InnerSloth has been sitting on these changes for a while, previously citing it as a high-priority change after they cancelled Among Us 2. This little fix definitely improved the game as a whole.

Are you going to try out some of these new changes to Among Us? Which ones do you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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