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In 2018 indie game company Innersloth released 'Among Us' on the App Store & Google Play. Could 'Among Us 2' be canceled?

Has ‘Among Us 2’ been canceled? Everything to know

In 2018 indie game company Innersloth released Among Us on the App Store & Google Play. It saw limited success but was worthy enough for a second addition, racking in almost 6 million downloads. 6 million was the number of downloads before August – now it’s well over 80 million. 

Seventy percent of Among Us’s downloads were in the first fifteen days in September. Innersloth decided to cancel its planned Among Us 2 to expand the original game after a month of success. The game hasn’t just skyrocketed in downloads – it’s become a cultural phenomenon and has taken social media by storm. Innersloth’s best choice was to cancel Among Us 2, but they won’t shoot the new features out of the airlock. 

According to Innersloth, “All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will instead go into Among Us 1. We have lots of things planned, and we’re excited to bring new content to everyone as you continue to enjoy playing.” 

There are a plethora of new features heading to Among Us, including new servers, colorblind support, a friend/account system, and a new stage. Innersloth added, “lots of other things planned too, we just need to prioritize and organize.” 

There is still no word on when these new features will be hitting Among Us. Innersloth noted the new server is “taking up all development time,” and the friends/account system will take a significant chunk of time to implement. There is a chance new features will get implemented over multiple updates. 

The app is currently available on Steam, the App Store, and Google Play. For those hoping for a console version in the future, you might be out of luck. Innersloth studio programmer Forest Willard noted converting the game from mobile to console would be complicated but “is something we’re starting to talk about.” 

The main complication is Among Us relies heavily on the game’s chat room to communicate with other players, which is hard to do with a console. Players who want to chat with friends have moved to apps, like Discord, that allow a voice chat to run in the background. 

Willard did mention adding a “quick comms” feature to a console version of Among Us, but how can you explain something that happened in-game in “quick comms”? Innersloth will have to introduce a voice chat if they want to release a console version. However, not many players like to use voice chats when playing alone, which might hurt Innersloth in the end.

We’re excited about all the new features coming to Among Us. What features are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments.

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  • so glad about the voice chat and the FREIND SYSTEM! You make GREAT friends in among us. if they don’t have discord, messenger, or Facebook, it will be impossible to friend them. so among us SOULD add a friend account, OOO, also a chat thing to talk to them in-game

    November 9, 2020

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