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'Among Us' is one of the most stress-inducing but hilarious games out right now. Here are the memes that express what it feels like to play it.

These memes describe how we feel when we’re playing ‘Among Us’

As fast as Netflix’s Tiger King rose in popularity, a brand new video game has swept the globe. Among Us is everywhere and is one of the most stress-inducing but hilarious games out right now. If you haven’t played Among Us yet or you’ve been playing since its release in 2018, these memes encapsulate how it feels to play the mobile “whodunit” mystery game. 


It always seems when you are just about to finish your long annoying task, someone finds a dead body. We just want to do the tasks – the rest of you can argue about who killed who. 

Stupid lies 

When in doubt, lie. 


Guy, we aren’t sus, we just don’t know what’s going on. 

Losing sleep

Are we the only ones losing sleep over Among Us? It’s just too addictive.  

Following means nothing

We have all fallen into this trap. Just because someone is following you doesn’t mean they’re the imposter. Believe the experts – venting is always the answer. 

Erratic heartbeat 

Killing sprees are fun, but man, our heartbeat is racing as the imposter. 

Don’t neglect your tasks

Tasks are there for a reason. Sitting at cams just to catch the imposter won’t guarantee you a victory. 


You know all the ghosts are looking at these three like “bruh.”

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  • All these memes are true LOL

    December 18, 2020
  • HeHe Boi lol

    March 16, 2021

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