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Do you love playing Among Us and want to win? Check out these hacks to beat the intruders or deceive the crew members every time.

‘Among Us’ is the hottest game in quarantine: These are the best hacks

What do you get when you combine an online game with cute little drawings of guys in Hazmat suits, a social deduction game, and everyone in lockdown? You get Among Us, the interactive social deduction game for your PC that took quarantine life by storm. 

Among Us was released in 2018 by InnerSloth, but really caught on when the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone into lockdown. With no outside social interaction available, people turned to multiplayer online games for socialization. Being a multiplayer game focused on teamwork, Among Us is a great way to socialize & have fun. 

Among Us is a social deduction game. Essentially, it’s like the card games Mafia or Werewolves – you have to find out who’s the bad guy or keep people from finding out you’re the bad guy. In a space station with at least ten other players (twelve to fifteen is ideal), you can either be a crew worker, where you perform tasks, or an intruder who messes the mission up. 

In a game like Among Us about reading people, even if you’re only reading a videogame mods’ behavior, how can there be a hack to your advantage? If the strategy lies in reading other players, rather than beating the actual system, there shouldn’t be too many uses for cheat codes or hacks. 

Or would there? Hacks exist in Among Us to help you get ahead, no matter how good your opponent is at determining if you’re an intruder or a crew member. Here are some of the best hacks out there. 

Get an alibi

Since this is a game about reading people, the hacks aren’t necessarily cheat codes in the game or glitches you can exploit. Hacks can be about “hacking” human reasoning to make yourself look legit. If you’re an intruder, this tip is a godsend. After you kill someone, before anyone discovers a body, pretend to complete a task in the same room as a crew member. 

That way, when you “discuss” the dead body, you have an alibi. Or do you? If you’re a crew member who happens upon a person doing a task when a body is found, here’s what to watch out for. If the first thing they say in the chat is they were with you when the body was found, they could be an intruder. 

Sowing doubt among the crew

There are a couple of ways to plant tiny seeds of doubt among the crew if you’re an intruder. First, to take suspicion off yourself, fix a broken thing in front of a crew member. Intruders don’t fix things, right (wink, wink)? 

Also, if the crew has voted enough of themselves off the spaceship and they’re closing in on one of your fellow intruders, use their previous bad judgment against them by bringing it up. To savvier social sleuths among the crew, it’s an easy trick to spot. 

Wait . . . you wanted actual hacks? 

Actually, if you want to win without solely relying on the social-skills rigamarole, there are downloadable cheats. Wallhax has a package that includes Imposter ESP (see who the imposters are), 2D radar (detect who’s around you even if you can’t see them), and a “lighting cheat” to “see perfectly even if the lights go out” according to Wallhax. 

Computer sleuths can also check out for codes & programs you can put in the game. These allow you to see back end information like who hosted the room and who the intruders are, or just run the cheats for you if you’re not tech-savvy. 

Knowing this information beforehand can give you an edge, but it can also be a huge disadvantage if you don’t use it wisely. It also goes without saying for veteran game hackers, but once a hack is discovered by the game makers, they will “patch” the system so the hack won’t work anymore. 

Also, this is a social deduction game. Even with all these fun little toys, you still have to convince your fellow crew members you’re one of them to stay in the game. Wallhax even warns players that their cheat codes “can make you suspicious to other players”, so it’s worth it to learn to mask your cheats with a believable story. 

Do you play Among Us? What are your favorite hacks to use? Do you have any foolproof ways to trick your fellow players as an intruder? Or, do you know some ways to see through an intruders’ manipulation as a crew member? Let us know in the comments! 

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  • Do you really want to win at a game that has no prize real or virtual so much you cheat and be a total jerk ruining this great game somebody has worked so hard on just to boost your ego

    October 4, 2020
  • I disagree Alice, There is no PRIZE, there is no YAY! YOU WON! HERE IS YOUR FREE MONEY! It’s a murder mystery game and it’s even funnier when we cheat! maybe they’re making a video! I don’t think that you Are thinking state, its funnier when there are cheats! just get to the hang of it!

    November 9, 2020

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