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Having trouble convncing your 'Among Us' crew you're one of them? Here are some of our favorite tips on how to win.

‘Among Us’: How to win as an imposter every single time

Among Us is probably the best mobile game to come out of 2020. Even though, technically, the game came out in 2018. In Among Us, a group of players are in some kind of sci-fi setting. There are regular players, crewmates, and then there are the imposters. Basically, the crewmates have to figure out who the imposters are and complete tasks while the imposters have to kill the crew. 

You’re randomly assigned either imposter or crewmate at the start of the game. Imposter is a tricky job in Among Us because you have to not rouse suspicion from the crew. So, how does an imposter do it? How can you win as an imposter in Among Us? Well, we have some tips that could definitely help you win as an imposter most of the time.

Fake it ‘til you make it

In order to throw suspicion off of yourself as an imposter, then you’re going to have to fake being a crewmate. This means doing things like pretending to do a task by standing still in front of the task spot and waiting for a bit. This is a great action early in the game because a lot of players have to do tasks early on. Just make sure to time it right! 

You can’t be too aggressive when people start trying to figure out who the imposter is. Talk, be honest as possible about your whereabouts and accuse with the best of them, all while trying to build and foster trust with the crew. Better yet, fake being a bit of a noob. Ignorance with the game mechanics that comes across as genuine could help get you some needed slack.

Do your best to point their suspicions elsewhere. Be courteous and kind, be flattering, build up your own base of support. You don’t have to do so much killing if the crew handles most of your job by airlocking their fellows. 

Be merciless

Take out players with immunity early on. Be swift, be sneaky, be the most wicked thing that pixels have ever seen in the history of ever. Go for crowd kills if you can. If a group of players are staying in the same spot? Then it’s easier to hide your action as the imposter, you know? This is a tactic best used early in the game when there are more people around. 

Again be smart. Use your advantages. Again, this is something for early on in-game. But use your sabotaging skills to isolate players from each other, use the vents to lie in wait, use everything you can to take out your opponents. Of course, you also have to time this so you can handle any alibis. You don’t want to be gone too long from the emergency area, lest it gets noticed.

Be aware

More importantly, you need to be aware. Be aware of how many people are on the board. Be aware of your surroundings – some maps have security cameras in place. Be aware of what people may be saying about you. You need to be on alert while planning ahead if you want to win the game. Period.

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  • How do you hacked

    October 7, 2020
  • do you don’t kill ppl so they trust you? then you kill them? =.=

    November 9, 2020
    • yes you do thats how i win all the time >:)

      November 15, 2020
  • how can i play among us on my chrome book without it being blocked?

    November 15, 2020

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