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'The Witcher' is one of the most popular novel-based fantasy game series out there. Here are the best cheat codes we know about for 'The Witcher' games.

‘The Witcher’ game: All the cheat codes you need to know about

The Witcher is one of the most popular novel-based fantasy game series out there. The protagonist, a skilled monster hunter with supernatural powers, is the type of guy gamer geeks can look up to. The Witcher is known for its lack of black and white morality and penchant for time-delayed consequences. 

When mixing potions and hunting down monsters it’s easy to feel like a grade-A rebel, but sometimes you need some help to move things along. Lucky for you, with a great game comes great cheat codes. Here are the best cheat codes we know about for The Witcher games. 

The Witcher (2007) cheats

Playing dice

If you right-click and hold while playing a dice minigame it will go a bit faster and be easier to play. It’s useful not to have to wait for the slow dice animation every single time. 

Talents galore

After you get new talents, meditate. Once you come out of meditation, click the Hero Panel and right-click the enhancements you used your talents on. You will hear a little money sound. There won’t be any visible changes, but make sure you meditate again because you’ll have those talents back. Not only that, but you’ll still have the enhancements you previously used the talents on. Wash, rinse, and repeat, baby!

Oil hint

For oils with three or four ingredients, goose fat or suet work well. But for oils that need five ingredients, you’ll need dog fat, bear fat, or alchemical paste. Remember, in order to even make oils you need to get the ability from the Intelligence Talent Tree. 

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2011) cheats

In the market for some easy money? 

If you’d like to entertain the possibility of earning about 200 orens every 30 seconds, listen up. In chapter two you’ll arrive at the War Camp. Talk to the local blacksmith outside the canteen to start practicing your arm wrestling abilities. Then go to the King’s Inner Camp and find the arm wrestling champion. He’ll be near the fire. Talk to him, fulfill every topic, and then specifically talk to him about arm wrestling. 

Play the arm wrestling minigame and it’ll allow you to bet 100 orens instead of the normal 30. The arm wrestling champions in both chapter one (Bart Bargee) and chapter two (Adam Pangratt) can be wrestled with as much as you want. Make sure to save if you think you might lose. You’re welcome. 

Saving in the Eagle Eye Achievement 

Save the game before shooting under Count Etcheverry. That way, if you fail you can just keep reloading the saved game and shoot until you succeed. Eagle Eye Achievement earned! 

Early experience bonus 

To unlock a ten percent bonus perk you have to destroy ten dummies in the prologue. There are five training dummies inside one of the tents in the War Camp. Destroy all five of them and then go to Flotsam. Here you’ll find four more training dummies that will respawn. Destroy training dummies until you’ve decimated ten in total and you’ll get the perk.  

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) cheats

Run for days 

If you jump immediately before your stamina is empty while sprinting, and then release the sprint, your stamina will be close to full when you land. A second after that, press sprint again. If you time it just right you can manage an infinite sprint. 

Need some extra storage space?

Sometimes you have items that you don’t want to carry in your inventory. Use this trick to save them in a safe place. Enter the Skellige Inn and go to a corner in the room. If you drop all your items on the floor at once, they’ll appear as one bag on the ground. 

You can come back to retrieve or add as many items to the bag as you want this way. If only you didn’t have to worry about people stealing your stuff like this in real life.  

That’s it for our list of The Witcher games cheats. Play on and play smarter. 

Warning: Some of these cheats may only work on unpatched versions of the game.

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