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Speaking of, spooky season is upon us, and 'Squid Game' has given people a lot of costume ideas. Here are some of the best ideas.

Here’s how you can make a ‘Squid Game’ Halloween costume

What happens when you combine Halloween with the hottest series on Netflix right now? A lot of people buying slip-on Vans to go with their Squid Game tracksuit costumes. ‘Tis the spirit of doing it yourself!

Squid Game has taken the world by storm. Fans watched as characters risked life & dignity for a chance to win enough money to fill an extremely large piggy bank. The show was such an immediate success, it’s already been approved for a second season.

Speaking of, spooky season is upon us, and Squid Game has given people a lot of costume ideas. Even better, it’s given creative fans DIY costume ideas, and it’s sending the sales of slip-on Vans through the roof! What are some of the best ideas?

Front man

When Squid Game revealed the identity of Front Man, fans were shocked! They expected a lot of people to be hidden behind the mask – everyone except who was actually revealed.

Squid Game fans are now eagerly scrambling to be him and using DIY costume ideas to do it. Ironically, most of his outfit is relatively easy to pull off on a budget. You can buy a long hooded coat, gloves, pants, and boots in black from any local or online retailer.

However, the mask might be a little more difficult to snag. With its emotionless features & geometric angles, Squid Game fans might struggle to find something similar. Luckily, the popularity of the show means online retailers are racing to meet fan demands, and at surprisingly reasonable prices!

Game manager/Guards

Squid Game fans loved to hate these (mostly) unknown figures charged with keeping the players in check. The guards were the last faces players saw before the end of their gun ended their chance to take home 45.6 billion won ($38.6 million).

While Squid Game never reveals their names, fans still found themselves drawn to the mysterious figures in red. So much so, they’re willing to put their creativity to the test to make it themselves.

A black belt, black shoes, and a pair of black gloves to compliment the red jumpsuit with a hood can be found in local clothing retailers or online. However, nothing says stoic Squid Game guard like the signature black fencing mask complete with a white triangle, square, or circle.

Players 1 – 456

The players of Squid Game had it hard before they entered the deadly competition. Unfortunately for them, it’s only downhill once the games start. Fortunately for fans, however, it’s the beginning of an iconically simple costume idea.

Fans may notice most items needed for a Squid Game costume can be purchased at any local or online clothing retailer. This especially applies to anyone dressing up as a desperate, money-hungry player.

All they need is a green tracksuit, a white t-shirt, white shoes, and white adhesive numbers to complete the look. Squid Game fans with a love for costume makeup will be especially excited for a chance to play around with applying fake wounds & scars.

So many Vans

Squid Game is on the fast track to globally being Netflix’s most popular original series. Its impact on popular culture is undeniable and it’s even affecting the slip-on Vans community. Sales increased by 7,800% after the series aired!

Feeling inspired

Many Squid Game fans may stick to the expected costume ideas. However, there are other choices. There’s the deceptively well-dressed recruiter armed with a suitcase of money & false promises.

Then there’s the iconic giant doll, known for sweetly singing out, “Mugunghwa kkochi piotsseumnida!” during the first game. It’s inspired costumes & TikTok videos alike. Squid Game fans will be excited to don the orange baby doll dress & yellow undershirt.

Squid Game fans have so many choices yet so little time to have their costumes ready for Halloween. Like the players, they’d better hurry up before the proverbial clock runs out. Let’s just hope no one dressed as a guard gets too into character.

Which Squid Game character are you excited to dress up as this Halloween? Are you dressing up as the stylish recruiter? Or are you grabbing a steak knife to go with your three-piece tuxedo? Let us know in the comments below!

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