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To whet your appetite for international streaming, we looked at the great shows you can stream on Netflix when using NordVPN from the UK or Canada.

All the best shows to watch on Netflix with NordVPN

If you live in the USA you might be frustrated with the myriad of streaming services you need to sign up for in order to watch your favorite shows. We’ve got a sneaky trick for you, though: if you want to get around those annoying geographic limitations and enjoy your fave network show ad-free, you’ll want to use a VPN. Do you want to know what is VPN and How to use VPN? At VPNCOP you will find the detailed guide. 

For the uninitiated, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network. They can be hugely useful in our modern world, especially if you don’t want sites taking your information and selling it to big corporations so they can laugh at all of your most shameful internet habits. But hey – maybe you just want a bit of damn privacy.

VPNs also allow you to stream and watch your favorite shows when out of the country, making them essential for anyone who doesn’t want to have to deal with the crappy selection of foreign Netflix while visiting family. Our favorite VPN ever is NordVPN.

NordVPN is one of the best services for speed and consistency. What’s more, this service allows six simultaneous connections, and NordVPN has an astounding 3,600+ servers around the globe. To add to that, the company has the same money-back guarantee as others. If you want to sign up it’s $11.95 per month for one month / $6.99 per month for 12 months / $3.99 per month for two years.

To whet your appetite, we looked at the great shows you can stream on Netflix when using NordVPN from the UK or Canada.

Anarchy in the UK 

Listen up, bingewatcher: some of your favorite network shows that y’all waiting to drop on Netflix are already available to stream on Netflix UK.

TV fans can binge on Jane the Virgin, Riverdale, iZombie, America’s Got Talent, Good Girls, Star Trek Discovery, YOU, Pose and RuPaul’s Drag Race, Supergirl, Star Trek: Discovery, The Sinner, Shooter, Damnation, Happy!, Shark Tank, and Mythbusters. You can also enjoy some UK homegrown shows like the runaway trash TV success of Love Island and the pastry-tastic stylings of The Great British Bake Off

Oh, Canada

Wanna make like a Mountie for the day and stream TV like the Canucks, you’ll get a lot of great choices: Dynasty, Riverdale, Good Girls, Better Call Saul, Star Trek: Discovery, and Black Lightning await

Here’s a little more about a couple of our favorites.


A plucky young zombie assists the Washington morgue with newly acquired and morbid abilities. Loosely inspired by the Vertigo comic of the same name, Rose McIver (Once Upon a Time) stars as Liv Moore, a young woman living happily in Seattle until she’s turned into a zombie during an unexpected attack at a boat party. 

In order to satiate her constant hunger for human brains, Liv abandons her life and begins a new career as a coroner. The series then shifts to a supernatural police procedural when Liv discovers she briefly inherits the skills, traits, and memories of the victims whose brains she devours. 

Developed by the brain behind Veronica Mars, Rob Thomas, the fifth and final season was hanging in the balance for a little while, but news of its renewal thankfully came last year and the series will finally deliver on the shocking revelations of the previous season.


Hot and heavy adaptation of the ongoing Archie comics that sees the Riverdale gang face off against conspiracies, gang warfare, drugs, and serial killers. Riverdale is perhaps the most beautiful series on television both in terms of its cinematography & production design as well as Greg Berlanti’s outright refusal to cast anyone even vaguely unattractive in any of his shows. 

This season has seen proceedings take a turn for the ridiculous, as Archie gets thrown into the most brutal juvenile detention center in the United States and Jughead unlocks a town secret involving poisonous hallucinogens and fantasy role-play. 

Something tells us all the eggs were put into Sabrina’s basket this year, as the very, very loose spinoff has retained all the on-point aesthetics while leaving all the eye-roll-inducing screenwriting to the next town over.


Children: the ballroom is here for you. If you don’t already have this epic drama in your bingewatch list, get with it. Pose is hilarious, incredibly crafted, sweet, and heartbreaking all at the same time. It also features the largest transgender cast in TV history and has a crew made up of exceptionally talented LGBTQI folks and POC.

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