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No matter the time of day, the characters we love can find someplace to eat, think, or fight. Here are the top 10 restaraunts in LA from TV and film.

Lights, camera, yum!: Top 10 restaraunts in LA from films and TV

LA is a bustling city that never slows down, especially on the silver screen. No matter the time of day, the characters we love can find someplace to eat, think, or fight. 

However, some don’t know that many of the venues these stories stop into are real. So, we created a list of top 10 restaurants to visit in LA from many famous films and TV shows you love.

10. The Dresden Room on Vermont Ave, LA. 

One of the most famous of these places, the Dresden Room, is famous for its appearance in Swingers. The lovely restaurant has both a lounge and dining room for any dining needs for its guests that can be a bit pricey depending on what you order ($5 – $30 to be precise). 

If you want to tap into some of that energy from the film, the duo Marty and Elayne perform every night except Sunday: the perfect compliment to the delicious steak and incredible atmosphere you can find here. 

9. 101 Coffee Shop, Franklin Village, Hollywood 

Another swinging (pun intended) place to check out if you love Swingers or Entourage is 101 Coffee Shop. This diner is, like many diners across the U.S., home to any food you can think of and is not overly expensive ($10 – $20 depending on what you order, from the classic latte to the health benefits of low acid coffee). So, grab a plate of pancakes like our favorite Queens crew and enjoy this little slice of movie history. 

8. Old Place, Agoura Hills 

The familiar atmosphere will have any Twin Peaks fans excited, as the location was featured quite a bit in the show. However, if that’s not enough to impress, this location has played host to many big names, including Bob Dylan, Steve McQueen, Robert Mitchum, Goldie Hawn, Twiggy, and Sissy Spacek. 

The food is not too pricey for such a star-studded location (about $20 – $40), making it all the more a must-see. A nice plate of steamed clams and the tension only Twin Peaks can bring makes this a big stop for any LA visitors.

7. Pink’s Hot Dogs, N. La Brea Ave, L.A. 

The classic hotdog shop from Mulholland Drive is another big stop, especially if you’re not looking for any fancy fair. The hotdog shop has a ton of fun options from the Brando to the Martha Stewart dog, for only $5 – $10. That makes this location a fun ride for those on a budget and looking for more movie history in the cinematic world of L.A. 

6. Dinah’s family restaurant on Sepulveda Ave., L.A. 

This diner has played host in the classic The Big Lebowski and, more recently, to the thriller Nightcrawler. The diner’s unique red sign is hard to miss and its chicken and BBQ is a must try. The food’s not too expensive, though it is a touch pricier than average depending on what you order (about $10 – $30). Grab some chicken and enjoy; just make sure you keep an eye out for someone with a camera and an eager smile. 

5. George’s 50s Diner, Atlantic Ave., Long Beach

This location should be familiar to any Disney fans, as it was the location of the family-owned diner in A Cinderella Story

Originally called Grissinger’s Drive-In, the exaggerated pink interior melts away into something warmer: a place where you can get a great burger or sandwich for cheap ($5 – $10) or just order a water if you want to emulate the timeless tales remix. All in all, George’s is a fairytale way to enjoy a trip to L.A. 

4. The MacArthur, Macarthur Park, LA

While not an open restaurant, this venue can be used for any big events such as weddings. It has also played a part in many large films, most famous for its appearance in Wild at Heart, the venue has also been featured in Less Than Zero, The Prestige, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Hook. So, if you have a big event and want to feel fancy with a lobster cappuccino, book you event here and experience the movie magic. 

3. Casey’s Irish Pub, Downtown LA 

Twin Peaks fans will be equally excited to visit this lovely pub, which took the place of a Philadelphia pub called Max Von’s in the world of the show. Like the MacArthur, it’s also appeared in many other works, including Mad Men, the first X-Files movie, and Good Night and Good Luck. If you’re craving some standard Irish fair such as fish and chips or shepherd’s pie for a good price ($10-$20), this is the place for you. 

2. The Blue Room, San Fernando Blvd., Burbank

This blue-themed bar was featured in the classic Memento, in which the color blue is a prominent motif. The mysterious air helps showcase why it was chosen for the forgetful mystery, though its prices are not as mysterious ($20 and up). Their classic key lime martini is a perfect finish to give you the same goosebumps the film did, while also giving you another unforgettable (pun intended) place to visit in L.A. 

1. Vincenzo’s Pizza, Granada Hills, L.A.

This hole in the wall may not look like much, but it was perfect for the filming of Drive, helping encapsulate the graphic novel feel of the city the film was reaching for, while also adding to its red color pallette. The food is classic pizzeria fair, from a cheese slice to a salad for an average price ($10 – $20). It’s perfect for a quick bit as you speed along through L.A., toward more incredible sights & mysteries.

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