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If you’re sick of bingewatching peak TV, here’s our pick of the Palme d’Or winners worth seeking out from every decade.

To celebrate the wit and wisdom from the genius brains behind 'Twin Peaks', 'Mulholland Drive', 'Blue Velvet', and 'Wild at Heart', here are David Lynch’s ten most inspiring

Possibly one of the most divisive American filmmakers of all time, the work of David Lynch commonly draws only one of two things – incorrigible amounts of ire

Looking for a trip that will blow your mind? Searching for a sojourn through the Hollywood dream? Then Los Angeles is where it’s at and this David Lynch

Last week, IndieWire published a piece on Dean Hurley – David Lynch’s supervising sound editor & long-time employee – to find out how he worked with Lynch to

If teddy bears, chocolates, and overpriced, sickly greeting cards don’t quite express how you feel about someone this Valentine's Day, then you might want to take some inspiration

In 1990, the way we engaged with content was very different from today. There was no Netflix and chill, binge-watching really wasn’t a thing (that people would admit