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How To Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding

Do you imagine yourself getting married on a private island? Or in the city where you first met your future spouse and fell in love. If you want to make your wedding day even more unforgettable, consider having it at a beautiful destination. However, how does one even begin planning their ideal wedding?

In recent years, destination weddings have become more common and accessible, making them simpler to organize and attend. With the right destination wedding planner by your side and a crystal-clear picture of what you want, your big day may be all you’ve imagined. 

If you’re planning a wedding in a distant location, the following advice and suggestions can help you get started. You may rest easy knowing your destination wedding will go off without a hitch. 

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 Ultimate Guide for Organizing a Destination Wedding

  1. Settle on a final location.

Picking the perfect location is the first order of business when organizing a destination wedding. You’re free to explore whatever you want now. Wedding on the beach is still the most common, but many more options exist. Would you like to have your wedding in a small Italian town? Or a rustic wedding in a mountain cabin? Everything is possible. 

You can narrow down your potential locations by considering the number of guests you want to invite, how much it will cost to host them, and where they will be coming from. Do your research regarding the weather, local time, and currency exchange rates at your destination of choice. 

  1. Select a wedding package or locate a local wedding planner.

When trying to coordinate the various aspects that go into a perfect wedding, most people use the services of a professional destination wedding planner. As was previously mentioned, working with a wedding planner who is already familiar with your wedding venue can significantly simplify and streamline the planning process and save you some money.  

  1. Set a wedding budget.

To keep track of your spending, create separate budgets for the wedding and all the other costs associated with it, such as for travel and any out-of-town vendors. Lastly, when completing the details of your destination wedding budget, it is crucial to take into account the local currency.

  1. Keep track of your guest list.

Creating a tentative guest list is also essential since it will help you gauge the event’s scope and how much money you’ll need to pay for everyone attending. The number of people who can attend your destination wedding will likely drop if you ask them to pay for travel expenses, hotel accommodation, and extra days off from work. 

  1. Prepare the local marriage requirements.

Finding an officiant is only part of what’s required to wed in a foreign nation lawfully. Every country has its own set of rules when it comes to paperwork. Any documents, including but not limited to letters of intent, no hindrance declarations, and proof of residency, may be necessary to enter a foreign country. 

  1. Find the right dress for your destination wedding.

Think about your wedding day’s expected temperature and terrain before purchasing your dress. Textiles that allow air to pass through them are preferable in hot and humid conditions, while heavier fabrics are more practical in colder climates. 

  1. Try to find accommodations that cater to group bookings.

As with any large-scale event, there will inevitably be some difficulties when planning a wedding in a distant location, and they typically include hotel accommodation. Finding accommodation catering for group bookings is one way to limit the logistical concerns you must address. 

  1. Ensure to secure passports and other necessary documents.

Foreign travel necessitates a valid passport, but domestic travel only necessitates a valid driver’s license. Double-check all expiration dates as soon as the wedding date and place are set. Some countries may also want proof of vaccinations, health documents, or a list of all the countries you’ve visited. 

  1. Plan your trip around your honeymoon.

Since you’ve spent money on your destination wedding, there’s no point in wasting more money on anything but your honeymoon. Keep in mind that while everyone else’s wedding celebrations may be winding down, yours are just beginning. You can spend extra days doing what you both love, such as parasailing at the beach or skiing in BC. Say your goodbyes and thank yous’ to your guests whenever you and your partner feel it’s time to retreat for some alone time. 

 Key Takeaway 

Having a destination wedding and honeymoon at the same location is a surefire way to make the experience more personal and memorable for both the bride and groom. Although the rewards of hosting such an event are great, their planning may be a massive undertaking. So before you pack your bags and jet off to a foreign location to wed your soul mate, remember the advice mentioned above and recommendations to make your destination wedding as stress-free and magical as possible.

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