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7 Tips for Successful Destination Wedding in Mexico

A sun-kissed wedding destination is waiting for you in Mexico! White sand beaches, crystal rolling waves, and a stunning ambiance is just the beginning of what a wedding in Playa del Carmen will hold for your special day. To ensure you get off on the right foot in your wedding planning, we recommend these 7 tips for a successful destination wedding in Mexico. 

Tips for Your Wedding in Playa del Carmen

  • Find Your Perfect Venue

The perfect venue for your destination wedding will be a beautiful location that provides all the services you need to make your big day a memorable success. You will want a venue that offers an on-sight wedding planner, various wedding packages, an excellent relationship with local vendors, and perks for the happy couple. Reef Resorts sits at the top Playa del Carmen wedding venues as guests come from near and far to enjoy a charming locale for their big day! 

  • Book Way in Advance

The further out you can book your destination wedding, the better! Most destination resorts, including Playa del Carmen wedding resorts, offer great deals to happy couples who book in advance. Not only will this make a huge difference in your budget, but it will give you ample time to prepare flights, parties, and other planning-heavy details. 

  • Check Reviews from Other Couples

Who better to ask about Playa del Carmen wedding venues than reviews from other brides and grooms who have already had their shining moment? Weddings can be stressful, so you can rest assured that a couple who leaves a glowing review of a venue and its staff had a fantastic experience. We recommend scanning not only the reviews posted on a venue’s website but third-party impartial review sites as well! 

  • Provide an Experience

If your guests love you enough to travel for a destination wedding in Playa del Carmen, then we recommend giving the most wonderful experience on their journey. We advise giving them a pamphlet with a list of amenities, great spots to shop, and other local gems they can visit to make the most out of their trip. In addition, if enough guests are interested in a specific adventure, a discounted group rate may be able for adventure tours like zip-lining, sailing, or diving. 

  • Spoil Yourself

As the bride and groom, this entire production is about you, your love, and your happiness. While it can be tempting to get caught up in planning and doing everything for everyone, you must take the time for self-care and relaxation. We recommend spoiling yourself by booking spa services. Plus, wedding packages often include special perks for the happy couple, like a romantic dinner or a massage. 

  • Host a Cocktail Party

Weddings are often a mixing pot of the bride and groom’s family and closest friends, but they may not know each other whatsoever. By hosting a cocktail party before the big day, you can let your loved ones mix and mingle, relaxing with a couple of drinks and good laughs. By the end of the evening, your guests will have made friends with each other and be ready to celebrate together on the wedding day. 

  • Rehearse! 

Before the big day arrives, we cannot recommend enough how important a rehearsal is. A run-through of the wedding day’s events, such as where to stand, who is in charge of what, and making sure grandma doesn’t get lost, will go a long way to ensure everything is in place. That way, when it is actually time to say the “I do,” you will know everything is going according to plan. 

The Reef Resorts and Spa

Affordable wedding packages complete with breathtaking scenery, stunning décor, delicious food, and special perks are waiting for you at the Reef Resorts. To learn more, please review our wedding venues, packages, and discounts!

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