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UV flatbed printers in the printing process will occasionally appear in the ink drop phenomenon. Here are common problems we can solve.

UV Flatbed Printer Common Problems And Maintenance Methods

Any one product can not guarantee a lifetime of use, no problem. UV flatbed printer as a very sophisticated piece of digital printing products, also still follow this law.

In access to information from all sides and the use of customer feedback, I summarized some common problems, such as: UV printing pictures and expectations do not meet, UV lights do not light, ink droplets, ghosting problems, data transmission and other issues.

UV printing pictures and expectations do not match

UV printing pictures, according to normal printer operation, should be consistent with the design. However, the printed pictures may have the following problems: there are horizontal stripes on the printed pictures; the color deviation is large; the edges of the pictures are blurred and the ink is scattered.

The following are the answers to the above problems.

  1. There are two reasons for horizontal stripes on printed pictures:

(1) Poor nozzle condition. Solution: The nozzle is clogged or tilted to spray, and clean the nozzle.

(2) The step value is not adjusted. Solution: In the print software setup, the machine setup will enable the maintenance flag to correct the step.

  1. Large color deviation

(1) The picture format is wrong. Solution: The picture mode is set to CMYK mode and the picture is changed to TIFF.

(2) The nozzle is clogged. Solution: Print the test paper and clean the nozzle if the paper is blocked.

(3) Software setting error. Solution: Reset the software parameters according to the standard.

  1. The edges of the image are blurred and the ink is splattered.

(1) The image does not have enough pixels. Solution: Picture DPI 300 or above, especially for printing small fonts, you need to increase the DPI to 1200;

(2) Nozzle and print are too far apart. Solution: Make the print close to the print head and keep a distance of about 2 mm.

(3) There is static electricity in the material or the machine. Solution: Connect the machine casing to ground and wipe the material surface with alcohol to eliminate static electricity. Use a static processor to eliminate surface static electricity.

  1. Printed pictures scattered with small ink spots

(1) ink deposits or ink expired. Solution: Check the state of the nozzles, whether the ink fluency has decreased, and check whether the ink channel is leaking.

(2) material or machine with static electricity. Solution: Ground of the machine shell, material surface rubbing alcohol to eliminate static electricity.

UV lamp does not light

UV lamp does not light up, there are 3 reasons.

  1. Control lights in the software accidentally shut down. The solution is: you need to set the UV lamp control correctly in the software.
  2. There may be poor contact or damage to the signal line. The solution is: check the signal line, have? Re-insert the signal line, or replace the new signal line.
  3. It may be that the water cooling temperature is not suitable. The solution is: stop using it immediately, check whether the water pipe is folded or blocked, re-activated after processing, set the cooling temperature.

Ink ink drop phenomenon

UV flatbed printers in the printing process will occasionally appear in the ink drop phenomenon, probably due to the following 4 aspects: negative pressure is too low; ink channel leakage problems; nozzle nozzle near the pollutants or ink cartridges on the air filter problem.

Solution: For the first 2 problems, the pressure value will be reset and adjusted to solve the cause of air leakage in the ink channel.

Pollutants near the nozzle, because in the process of long-term printing work, near the nozzle will drive the surrounding air flow, as well as daily dust hair will fall on it. When this dirt accumulates to a certain extent, the ink will automatically drip out. To completely solve this problem, the air filter needs to be replaced and the sprinkler nozzle also needs to be cleaned with a special cleaning solution.

Heavy shadows in the horizontal direction of printing

(1) The raster strip is dirty. Solution: Clean the strip.

(2) The raster decoder is damaged. Solution: Replace the lenticular decoder with a new one.

(3) The square fiber optic cable has poor contact or is faulty. Solution: Replace the square fiber optic cable.

Data Transmission

Problem: Sometimes everything is ready to start printing but it does not print properly.

This is a common printing fault, if inexperienced, it is likely to operate the machine arbitrarily, which can easily lead to machine damage. And after pressing the start button, the indicator light of the UV flatbed printer will keep flashing after transferring the print data. It is worth noting that if the UV flatbed printer performs improper termination of the printing operation process, even if the printing work is stopped, some residual print data will still be transmitted to the UV flatbed printer on the computer side. These print data will remain in memory, but for UV flatbed printers, these data are invalid, invalid data will affect the normal printing of the machine, it will lead to subsequent printing work can not be normal. So if there is a problem, clean up the previous print data in a timely manner to avoid the same problem in the next run.

In summary, is currently for the UV printer may have some of the problems given solutions, if you have more doubts about the UV printer, or run into other problems, you can also contact us. Our technology will give you the most professional answer.

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