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Online slot machines look pretty much everywhere for inspiration. Here are some games which are worthy of a movie.

3 Online Slot Games Worthy of a Movie

Online slot machines look pretty much everywhere for inspiration. There’s no theme that wasn’t adapted to slots: they cover everything from sports and shopping to movies and TV shows. Actually, movie-based slots are among the most popular today. 

But what if a movie studio would use slot machines for inspiration? What if, instead of online slot games based on movies, we’d have actual movies based on ideas from slot machines? Moviemakers have done similar things in the past – just think of flicks like Pixels or Battleship. Here are a few slot machines with intriguing settings that would serve this purpose well.

Lost Vegas (Microgaming)

Zombies never seem to go out of style. Even today, when we think that after countless The Walking Dead seasons and spinoffs, everything has been said in the genre, we see new movies and series pop up with more “living dead” stories to tell. 

Lost Vegas, released in October 2016, had a setting that wasn’t used in movies before (except maybe for a few scenes in Resident Evil Extinction: what if the Dead took over Las Vegas? In the game, players could choose to play with a rag-tag team of survivors or the walking dead, in an attempt to make the most of the post-apocalyptic landscape. 

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead had a similar setting, although there, the worst has already passed. But the team looking for a big payday was just the same. And, according to some sources, an animated prequel to the movie called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is in the works.

Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt)

Francisco Pizarro was the conquistador who is remembered for his expedition to conquer Peru for the Spanish crown. His story was told in short stories, stage plays, novellas, and many other forms. But what about his brother Gonzalo – Gonzo, for short? All he got is a lousy slot machine.

Gonzalo Pizarro participated in several expeditions searching for the legendary – but elusive – city of gold, El Dorado. The slot machine bearing his name, released in 2011 by NetEnt, is a tribute to his exploits across the jungle. And it could easily serve as a basis for an animated feature telling the world about his adventures in a funny way.

Max Damage (Microgaming)

Alien invasions have been a recurring trope in cinema. The possibility of extraterrestrials coming to Earth has inspired everyone from Ed Wood to Stephen Spielberg, which led to the creation of some of the best and worst movies in history. So, why not one more – with 100% more alien ships exploding, and 100% more one-liners?

Max Damage is the protagonist of a video slot machine released by Microgaming in 2014. He is a cartoonish defender of Earth who fights off wave after wave of invader ships, all this while constantly wisecracking about them. He’s one character who would make a great movie protagonist.

Zombies, invading aliens, and mystical treasures of lost civilizations – these are themes that never go out of style. So, why not look for inspiration among the many online slots available today, and turn some into movies? 

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