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TeraBox offers you a top-notch service ideal for uploading very large files. Here's everything you need to know.

What Is the File Size You Can Upload to TeraBox?

TeraBox offers you a top-notch service ideal for uploading very large files. With this application, you get to upload your large files quickly and safely. 

If you have uploaded a large file before, you know how daunting and time-consuming the task can be sometimes. For example, only files up to 15MB can be uploaded via email. With services for both individuals and businesses, TeraBox has a plan for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for TeraBox and take maximum advantage of their fast, reliable, and secure service!

Upload Files with TeraBox

TeraBox makes uploading files so much easier, thanks to their interface, which is very easy to use. Does your business require sending large files? Upload files as large as 20GB swiftly using TeraBox! So regardless of your need, whether it’s uploading several photos at one time or uploading large video files or movie files, TeraBox is the application for you. 

With the TeraBox APP, you can upload an unlimited number of files simultaneously, but there is a limit placed on uploads via a web browser. As a free user on TeraBox, 4GB is the limit on the size of files you can upload simultaneously, but upgrading to the premium version, which costs $2.99 monthly, gives you the leverage to upload files up to 20GB at high speed.

Upload 300 files free online to TeraBox using a webpage, but with the App or PC version, there is no limit placed on the quantity of large file uploads you can make. The only challenge to transferring files from the App or PC version is your own storage space!

TeraBox’s user interface has no rivals, and their upload speed is top-notch, making big file uploads as fast as possible.

How To Upload Files Step by Step?

Since we now know you can upload large files easily using TeraBox, the next step is to start using it. Audio, files, videos, and images formats are all accepted by TeraBox, and you can upload them using the following steps.

Step 1: Download the application from TeraBox Official Website and install it on your device

Step 2: After installation, register an account with TeraBox. Register either as a premium or a free user. With a premium account, you can transfer up to 20GB of files at high speed.

Step 3: Access your account by Logging in. 

Step 4: After logging in, tap upload. TeraBox allows you to create personalized folders or simply upload files. For Mobile users, to choose the file, you want to upload, click the plus sign (+)

In addition, the platform also supports remote uploading. With TeraBox, uploading and sharing .torrent files with friends has never been easier. Also, the platform supports various file types and links, including HTTP, HTTPS, BT files, and Magnet task links. 

TeraBox is a feature-packed and functional platform, and it gives you 1024GB free cloud storage. This allows you to automatically back up photos to TeraBox, ensuring they do not clutter your phone’s memory. Also, on the plus side, you get to save money spent on paying the high service fee charged by competing for photo backup services.

Upload Files When You Are Not Online 

No access to the internet? You can upload files even when you are not online using TeraBox. With this offline feature, you always have access to your Movies and other files when on a trip, although you have to download them initially.


Do you upload large files often? TeraBox is the ideal platform for you with its friendly user interface and lightning-fast speeds, allowing you to upload files in as little time as possible! Also, once you sign up to TeraBox you get 1 TB free storage space!

Do not forget to download and install the software from TeraBox Offical Website; it will cost you nothing! 

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