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Remote upload is an important quality for cloud storage users that helps to upload files to cloud storage. Is this the best option for you?

Cloud Storage Providers with Remote Uploads: Is It Best?

Remote upload is an important quality for cloud storage users that helps to upload files to cloud storage through torrent or directly from the web. Knowing that remote upload is vital, Cloud storage users would agree that you’d want the best Cloud Storage provider that offers the same qualities. 

Several cloud storage platforms are adding remote upload to the list of the services. Now you would agree that when hedging your bet on the place to store your data, you will go for the absolute best. Three factors guarantee this absolute best, including power, affordability, and easiness. Immediately you find a way to bring in these factors, a distinct lead option emerges. That’s TeraBox, which has 1TB of free storage, is very affordable, and has a powerful remote upload service.

Cloud Storage with Remote Upload Factors 


Many service providers offer remote upload capabilities, but they are not as affordable as TeraBox,and their storage and features are limited.

TeraBox’s 1TB of free space for just signing up makes it edge out other competitors’ that offer as little as 2GB to a maximum of 15GB, which is barely enough when you start uploading files, making you consider paying for an upgrade. It looks like they aren’t ready to play in the big leagues.

You can store 500 HD movies, 300,000 digital photos, 6.5 million of documents. Just with a free 1TB TeraBox, whatever you want to store securely and readily available to you on your device becomes possible. 

TeraBox also supports Remote upload in their free category, which other competitors don’t, instantly saving you money while giving you the value of paid upgrades in other providers.

It only costs $2.99 per month to become TeraBox Premium, and there is a 7-day free trial period. If you have used the paid experience of other cloud disks, you know how cheap TeraBox is.


You need cloud storage with the amount of power you want regardless of the price. We have already established the affordability of TeraBox and the Remote upload available in the free category so that you can commence immediately.

TeraBox Remote upload supports two remote file transfer methods; If you wish, you can send the files to the internet using a more suitable link for some documents and upload files through a link from anywhere, perfect for images, documents, and software. However, uploading files with the BitTorrent protocol is ideal for saving large files like full-length movies. TeraBox is a powerful storage Cloud Storage tool whichever way you intend to utilize it.

Ease of Use

TeraBox is one of the easiest to use platforms for cloud storage available. Using a platform with a subpar user interface would make you struggle. Sign up With TeraBox and get free 1 TB of storage in minutes. All you need to do is visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the application into your device. Irrespective of which platform you use, whether application or web, you can upload files by clicking on the button labeled remote upload. To upload, you can enter the link to a BitTorrent protocol or the link to a web-based file and choose what area of your TeraBox drive you want the uploaded file stored.

TeraBox also offers you other advantages. If you turn on the auto backup feature, your photos will remain safe even when you lost your phone. This backup service is also free of charge, saving you money spent on acquiring the services of other platforms that help you backup your photos.

Organizing your files with their names or using keywords makes for easy checking on the TeraBox platform. Also, with your link, you can share files with anybody anywhere on earth.

TeraBox; Affordable, Powerful, And Easy To Use

With numerous Cloud storage platforms clamoring for your money and attention, making decisions regarding the best one for your needs becomes difficult. So, what makes TeraBox stand clear of these other platforms?

Affordable: Are you looking for an affordable service with large storage space such as 1 TB free cloud storage? TeraBox is the platform for you! 

Powerful: TeraBox is powerful enough to allow you remotely upload torrent and web files from anywhere in the world. 

Lastly, if you have been struggling with other platforms due to their difficult-to-use interface, switch to TeraBox! Their User-interface is top-notch and easy to use. 

Get TeraBox Now!

To Download the TeraBox software using your smart device, visit Google Play Store or Apple App Store, Or It is available for download on all devices, from smartphones to personal computers. You can sign up and sign in easily using your AppleID account, Google or Facebook.

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