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Looking to catch up on all your favorite TV shows on a new HD screen? Peruse some of Samsung's new high-tech TVs currently for sale.

See Samsung’s latest line of TVs for sale to perfect your home theater

CES is upon us (in digital form, but in some ways that just seems right for a technology conference). 2021 CES means most of the year’s coolest tech announcements are being made. From new & improved versions of everyday objects to groundbreaking new gadgets, there’s a lot of new & interesting stuff.

However, today we have our sights set on Samsung and their announcement for a new line of TVs. Samsung is one of the go-to brands when people are shopping for televisions and this means it’s useful to know what they’re planning to sell us.

Here are the new & interesting TV announcements coming from Samsung this year.


What MicroLED is

A few years back, Samsung revealed what they called The Wall at CES. This massive screen was comprised of multiple panels put together and was interesting, but it certainly wasn’t for the everyday consumer. It was a commercial product that apparently foreshadowed the future.

Today is that future. The MicroLED TV individually lights every single pixel on the screen. This means these 4k TVs have excellent color control. It also means the screens are inherently brighter since each pixel has its own light source. Since a number of people have complained that OLED TVs have a darkness problem, this may be a welcome change.

Perfect black

The MicroLED is also boasting “perfect blacks”. Usually you can tell when a TV screen is on or off simply by looking at it even if your screen has cut to black. Black screens tend to have a paleness to them, the Micro LED TV is aiming to make this a thing of the past. The contrast on these new screens should be a vast improvement over anything you’ve seen before.

That also means that when your favorite TV show cuts to black for dramatic effect, you may briefly think your television turned off.

What’s for sale?

The Micro LED TV is going to be released as a whopping 110 inch, bezel-free, screen in March.

If that’s perhaps a bit too big for your living space, then have no fear. Smaller TVs will be released later in the year. Perhaps the 99 inch or 88 inch screens will fit better in your living space . . . or at least appease your wallet some. The sale prices of these screens haven’t yet been announced.


What QLED NEO is

QLED already exists, and is often utilized for 4k televisions. However, Samsung has reportedly tweaked the tech for their purposes and are utilizing it exclusively for their 8k models, while calling it QLED NEO.

Essentially the QLED TVs use mini LED technology in order to fit more lights in the screen with all the same benefits we listed in the MicroLED section above – but perhaps slightly less effectively since it doesn’t quite light up every individual pixel like MicoLED tech can. However, it’s still an 8k TV so there’s really no reason to turn your nose up at these screens.

Different TVs

While the NEO tech is only being applied to 8k screens there will be three different 4k models using mini LED tech as well. It’s unclear why they don’t have the NEO moniker, but the tech is likely slightly different. The LEDs are said to be “40 times smaller than those in sets with traditional full-array backlighting”.

Overall, you should be seeing crisper pictures, less light bleeding, and better & starker contrasting.

Again, it’s unknown what the sale price of these TVs will be.


If you’re more of an audiophile than a stickler for picture quality, there’s still exciting advancements for you too. Despite being practically bezel-free, the screens still have their own speakers built into the sides.

Tracking sound

The televisions are said to boast “object tracking sound”. The TV is said to analyze what’s on the screen and then attempt to make the audio seem as if the audio is coming from the (correct) object on screen – and then make it seem as if the audio is moving with the object.

So, if there’s a train moving from left to right on your screen the audio should theoretically seem as if it’s moving with the train using a fake Doppler Effect.

Automatic settings

On top of this, the new Samsung TVs will have built-in microphones that will assess the acoustics of the room and then apply the best sound settings for the ultimate audio experience. The microphone can also be used to connect with a smart assistant if you want it to.

If having a microphone in your TV is a big yikes for you (we don’t blame you) then you’ll be happy to know there’s an option to disable it.

What do you think of the new Samsung TVs? Are you itching to get your hands on one now? Let us know in the comments!

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