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In addition to the V1 microphone stand, VEX has more products in development. Here's everything you need to know.

DIY spirit informs innovative design on new microphone stands and cases

With over thirty years as part of the DIY and Punk scene, Thomas Lopez embodies the spirit of innovation and creation. His vinyl-only record label boasts an extensive roster of unique artists. Lopez has developed this record label from the ground up, and his passion for supporting underground artists and connecting them with fans was one of the roots for his vision in creating VEX Stands. Additionally, he holds several patents in other industries and is passionate about innovation and engineering.

Lopez has collaborated with working musicians to develop microphone stands and road cases based on the demands of touring and live performances. In your home studio, a mic stand holds and positions your recording microphone so you can record tracks for your songs and productions. Your microphone would pick up and capture all kinds of knocks, bumps, and vibrations without support, ruining a take and rendering the recording worthless. Browse with the Music Critic for their suggestions on the best microphone stands for your reference. As the founder and principal designer for VEX, Lopez’s priorities are clear; create durable equipment designed for professional performers that demand the best.

VEX’s first product is the V1 Microphone Stand, which comes with a patented hexagonal design that Lopez has utilized for not only it’s immense torque strength but for its universal connections as one of the foundational shapes of the universe. Lopez believes that the hexagonal design creates an even more profound sense of connection for performers and their audiences and has harnessed its strength to deliver unparalleled durability and comfort.

“We’ve developed this novel, new design by relying on one of the building blocks of the universe, the Hexagon,” Lopez explains. “The Hexagon exists at the center of our omnipresent consciousness, and utilizing this connection deepens the experience between artists and their audiences.”

The ergonomic locking lever provides consistent, quick height adjustment and won’t wear down with use like traditional clutch mic stands. Each V1 also comes with a patented road bag constructed with a rugged 1680D PVC shell and heavy-duty EVA foam interior.

“By over-engineering all of our mic stands and cases, we allow musicians and performers to know they can rely on their equipment for years to come,” Lopez goes on to further explain.

Phunk Junkeez Founder Kirk Reznik as well as stylist and designer Mitch Phillips, have joined forces with Lopez. The team will make their debut at the 2021 NAMM exhibition in Anaheim, CA. In addition to the V1 microphone stand, VEX has more products in development, including the V2, which is a desktop microphone stand designed for podcasters or video conferencing needs.

Lopez has also developed proprietary cases for single microphones, or with capacity for up to six microphones of various makes, as well as cases for the popular Shure BLX wireless headset and bodypack systems.

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