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Tired of paying for every streaming service? Learn more about how you can get the shows you love through a free Netflix account!

Need to extend your Netflix free trial? Score a free Netflix account instead

These days, streaming giants rule the world of entertainment, and Netflix started it all when the company introduced streaming media back in 2007. Since then, streaming services have moved from an innovative method of content consumption to a massive industry valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. 

Let’s face it: streaming is life in 2021. There’s no hope of plugging into the global cultural conversation without access to the latest & greatest streaming services, and Netflix is the bar from which all streaming platforms are compared. 

Millennials were brought up to know media as something free for all; the days of Napster, LimeWire, and Morpheus taught twenty & thirty somethings that we could get all our music & movies for free if we were up for a little sleuthing. The days of Napster, however, are long gone. 

These days, the massive surveillance encapsulating nearly all of the known world on the internet makes it exceedingly difficult to grab content for free, whether you’re downloading or streaming content. 

Sure, there are free services like Tubi, YouTube, and Pluto TV where you can stream content without an account – that is, if you’re willing to be bombarded with ads at the most inopportune moments. If you don’t want a visit from Flo from Progressive before the big killer is revealed in your favorite crime thriller, you might need to sign up for Netflix. 

But in 2021, as employment remains at an all-time high in the U.S., it’s been harder than ever for many streaming fans to pony up the dough for a Netflix subscription.  So how can you score a free Netflix account? 

Free Trial

We suspect you’ve already tried this method, but the first & easiest way to score free Netflix is with a free trial. All you have to do is head to, create a profile, and sign up for thirty days free. 

Of course, you have to make sure to cancel before your thirty days are up or you might find yourself in debt to the streaming giant, slapped with a month’s charge.

Friends with benefits

It’s never been easier to mooch off your besties for a streaming password; Netflix now features different profiles for different users on one account, and a standard Netflix account will allow the subscriber to stream on two devices at the same time. 

If your pals are snapping necks & cashing checks in 2021, they might have a premium account that allows up to four devices to stream at once. Now is a perfect time to cash in on any favors any of these hot shots may owe you, and make your way to your new life with free Netflix.

Phone freebies

Okay, so you already thought about friends & free trials (congrats, Einstein). Well, we know of another great way to snag free Netflix. Many cable & phone companies offer specials that include free Netflix accounts upon sign-up. 

If you are thinking of switching mobile providers and can’t bear another day without free Netflix, look no further than T-Mobile. If you sign up for a T-Mobile One plan on T-Mobile’s website, they’ll throw in free Netflix for you, as long as your plan isn’t prepaid and your credit check goes through.

USMobile also features a promotion offering free Netflix, among other streaming options, if you sign up with three or more lines. If you’re looking for free Netflix, there’s never been a better time to switch providers.

Whether you’re snagging a friend’s password or switching your mobile provider, there are plenty of ways to get free Netflix and start streaming your favorites today without throwing down your credit card. Before you know it, you’ll be streaming the web’s top content, just like the chumps who paid for it.

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