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Mario Capasa’s Cinematic Tribute through Altered State’s Masterful Video Production

Explore the art of concealing creators in Mario Capasa’s luxury branding campaign. Cinematic mastery intertwines mystery in every frame.

Step into a world where everyday elegance comes alive. Mario Capasa, the name synonymous with the finest in home living, is now center stage in elevated online shopping. This beloved Italian brand has a rich history that spans many decades, enchanting homes and hearts alike.

Renowned for its exceptional design and craftsmanship, Mario Capasa charts a fresh course in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Seamlessly melding the timeless allure of classic luxury with the spark of modern digital innovation. This respected brand inaugurates its online journey with a captivating video campaign by Altered State Productions.

In an artful reimagination of brand marketing, Altered State Productions has harnessed the evocative power of cinematic storytelling to revitalize the time-honored, presenting it in a fresh, new light that veils the identity of the man behind the craft, Mario Capasa. The art direction from the team was always married to visual storytelling, which chartered a creative course and provided a mesmerizing visual escape that magnetically draws in audiences, holding them in suspense and intrigue.

A Jewel in the Crown of Luxury Living

Mario Capasa, an iconic Italian brand, has been redefining luxury living since its inception in 1984. This place is the backdrop of the inspiration behind the collection and ultimately, the muse for his collection. Clean lines, muted colors, and plush textures create a harmonious blend of traditional Italian romanticism and modern aesthetics. Each piece has the ability to stand alone and make a statement, much like a finely curated piece of art at an exhibit.

The company set out to make products for innovative living systems while infusing modern architecture based on Italian design. Mario Capasa has turned opulence into an art form. Captivating clients who demand nothing less than the epitome of luxury living.

The brainchild of a Veronese visionary, born amidst the rustic tranquility of the Italian countryside, the brand has grown to embody the zenith of luxury, standing shoulder to shoulder with brands like Saint Laurent and Kimber Group. Established with a singular vision: to deliver unparalleled comfort, Mario Capasa has consistently held true to its mission.

This unwavering dedication has seen the brand assemble a forward-thinking design team that, over the past three decades, has upheld an impeccable level of expertise. Every product carries the mark of this dedication, crafted through the expert hands of 20 individuals and made up of over 50 meticulously curated parts. The man behind this incredible team opts for anonymity, a purposeful mystery that not only fuels the brand’s intrigue but allows him to blend in unobtrusively with society. His clientele, the crème de la crème of luxury connoisseurs, see Mario Capasa as their ‘Rolls-Royce’ of home living brands, an epitome of sophistication and comfort.

Fortified by a wealth of intellectual properties and patents, Mario Capasa safeguards its innovative designs from imitation, underscoring the brand’s exclusivity in the luxury furniture market. Among its groundbreaking offerings are the “Movimento Project” and the critically acclaimed “Feathers Home Collection”. Both collections encapsulate the brand’s ethos of merging history’s richness with contemporary luxury.

Now stepping onto the e-commerce stage, Mario Capasa brings a legacy of opulence and craftsmanship, ready to rival industry giants. With an impressive financial performance in 2019 and a swift post-pandemic rebound, the brand proves that its fusion of cutting-edge design, innovative marketing strategies, and captivating visual storytelling resonates with those seeking the pinnacle of luxury home living. As video marketing services become increasingly important in an industry projected to reach $394 billion in 2023, according to Statista, Mario Capasa is poised to thrive.

In the midst of these exciting developments, the elusive visionary behind Mario Capasa allows us a glimpse of his story. Yet, as the brand continues to evolve and innovate, his identity remains shrouded, inviting intrigue while amplifying the allure of the Mario Capasa experience. Mario Capasa is more than a brand; it is an ode to the aspirational lifestyle of luxury living and a testament to the enigma of the mastermind that propels it all.

A Tribute to the Legends

Traditionally, production companies leaned on high-profile celebrities as spokespersons to elevate their brand campaigns. However, Altered State Productions dared to challenge the status quo by incorporating an air of mystery into the luxury lifestyle video campaign. Rather than featuring the famous designer, the focus was on concealing the creator, Mario Capasa himself, and emphasizing the extraordinary lifestyle and the brand products.

In a mesmerizing fusion of movie references and brand marketing, the campaign drew inspiration from renowned cinematographers who expertly concealed their subjects’ identities. By skillfully utilizing shadows and compositions from industry legends, the production team created an aura of mystery and tension.

Just like traditional movies below, Altered State Productions incorporated these techniques, but in a brand commercial. 

Coppola, F. F. (1972). The Godfather. Paramount Pictures. Gordon Willis

The Godfather

Celebrated for his work on “The Godfather” trilogy, demonstrated a masterful use of shadows and darkness to conceal characters’ faces, contributing to the film’s captivating narrative. 

Kar-Wai W, 2000. In the Mood for Love, Block 2 Pictures Christopher Doyle

In the Mood for Love

Known for his collaboration with Wong Kar-wai on “In the Mood for Love,” employed composition and lighting to keep characters’ identities hidden during pivotal scenes, heightening intrigue and emotional tension.

Mendes S, 2012. Skyfall, Eon Productions Roger Deakins


Renowned for his cinematography in “Skyfall,” employed a combination of silhouette, shadows, and composition to partially conceal the antagonist’s face during his introduction, creating an enigmatic atmosphere around the character. 

Bergman I, 1966. Persona, Svensk Filmindustri Sven Nykvist


Known best as Ingmar Bergman’s longtime collaborator, Nykvist artfully used shadows and composition in films like “Persona” and “Cries and Whispers” to deepen the psychological dimensions of the storytelling. 

Coppola FF, 1979. Apocalypse Now, Zoetrope Studios Vittorio Storaro

Apocalypse Now

The work on “Apocalypse Now” leveraged shadows and composition to obscure characters’ faces during critical moments, adding layers of ambiguity and tension.

With a tone perfectly matched to the designer’s visual mastery, Altered State Productions’ campaign pays homage to the art of using shadows in cinematography by incorporating these traditional methods to conceal the creator’s identity, which visually captivates audiences and leaves them in awe of the true identity of Capasa.

The Cinematic Technique

In the competitive landscape of luxury brand marketing, a compelling visual narrative can make all the difference. This was deftly demonstrated in the recent campaign by Altered State Productions for Mario Capasa, which was more than just a showcase of the brand’s unique appeal—it was a visually stunning narrative designed to intrigue the viewer by cloaking the identity of the creator. This approach not only spiked audience interest but also kept the focus firmly on the brand and its luxurious offerings.

Here are the top five cinematography techniques Altered State Productions used to achieve this sense of mystery:

  1. Clever Framing: The strategic placement of objects in the foreground and background cleverly obscures the creator’s identity while simultaneously adding depth and intrigue to each shot.
  2. Silhouettes and Shadows: Through skillful manipulation of lighting conditions, Altered State Productions created dramatic silhouettes and shadows, adding an element of visual mystique that concealed the creator’s features and heightened the allure of the campaign.
  3. Selective Focus: Utilizing shallow depth of field, the team skillfully directed attention to the luxurious products while intentionally blurring the creator’s identity. This technique served to accentuate the brand’s commitment to excellence and elegance.
  4. Creative Camera Angles: Altered State Productions pushed the boundaries of cinematography by employing unconventional camera angles, such as high-angle and low-angle shots, to either hide or partially obscure the creator’s face. This inventive approach not only added variety and visual interest to the campaign but also deepened the enigmatic aura surrounding the brand.
  5. Post-Production Techniques: In addition to in-camera methods, the team harnessed the power of post-production tools, including color grading and digital masking, to further protect the creator’s identity.

These seamless integration processes ensured that the campaign’s visual aesthetics remained intact while preserving the captivating mystery

A Brand Identity Shrouded in Mystery 

Jordan Billings, Director of Photography & Eddie Castillo, Director of Media at Altered State Productions, offered insights into the challenge of this visionary project: “Our goal was to create an immersive visual journey that places the focus on the extraordinary experience of owning Mario Capasa products. Concealing the creator’s identity was a paramount aspect of the campaign, and it required our team to implement inventive cinematography techniques to achieve this objective.”

The video campaign stands as an invaluable resource for both inspiration and education, illustrating the boundless possibilities of cinematography techniques for brand marketing. Aspiring filmmakers and video enthusiasts alike can draw profound insights from this cinematic triumph, learning how the power of visual storytelling can transcend traditional marketing and forge deeper connections with their audiences to establish their position at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of luxury.

Altered State Productions is a video production company with a decade of experience in the video landscape and marketing. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to innovation, the creative team pushes the boundaries of what is possible, delivering cutting-edge solutions that captivate audiences and redefine industry standards.

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