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Instagram has established itself as the perfect social media tool for the biggest and best cinematographers in the game.

Fill up the feed: The best cinematographers to follow on Instagram

Whether you’re a cinematographer in need of some inspiration or you’re simply a film buff with a love for all things visual, Instagram has established itself as the perfect social media tool for the biggest players in the game. While in the past cinematographers took a backseat behind photographers with regards to still imagery, Insta allows the former to promote their visual skills while allowing them to connect, educate, and inspire their followers.

Below is a list ranking our fave cinematographers for you to follow and transform your feed into an aesthetic delight.

Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn (Precious)

Throughout his professional career, Dunn has presented a wide range of styles and cinematic techniques, something which is reflected in the wonderfully edited and considered collection of images featuring on his Insta profile.

Autumn Durald

Autumn Durald (Palo Alto)

Aside from keeping us updated on her latest projects, Durald posts frequent photos of her everyday life, shot in a way to make them appear cinematic.

Matthew Libatique

Matthew Libatique (Black Swan)

The cinematographer behind Black Swan fills his Instagram with bleak cityscapes, natural portraits, and updates on current projects.

Reed Morano

Reed Morano (Kill Your Darlings)

Morano has an admirable and varied resume as a cinematographer, most known for her work on Kill Your Darlings and The Skeleton Twins as well as her directorial debut with Meadowland. Proving herself to be a master of light, her Instagram account is filled with personal shots that are always refined and alluring.

Wally Pfister

Wally Pfister (Inception)

From Memento to Inception, Pfister’s talent behind the camera is wide-ranging. His Insta is equally eclectic, featuring a mix of artistically shot everyday snaps and photographic admiration for his family (just don’t expect the usual baby pics).

Rachel Morrison

Rachel Morrison (Fruitvale Station)

Combining photos that feature a slice of life and appreciation for her family, Morrison also keeps her followers updated with her new projects. Each photo is taken and edited with true cinematographic flair, offering an inspiring look into the life of a true visual talent.

Rob Hardy

Rob Hardy (Ex Machina)

The cinematographer takes his followers on a journey around the world, offering glimpses of his globetrotting via a series of hazy, aesthetically dazzling images.

Phedon Papamichael

Phedon Papamichael (Nebraska)

The Oscar-nominated cinematographer’s account is just stunning. Filled with landscapes and portraits, each photo is framed to perfection.

Rodrigo Prieto

Rodrigo Prieto (The Wolf of Wall Street)

The man behind the cinematography on The Wolf of Wall Street posts a wide array of real-life photos shot in a way that make them look like paintings. All in all, it’s a true treasure trove of visual inspiration.

Emmanuel Lubezki

Emmanuel Lubezki (Gravity)

Having worked with directors such as Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men) and Terrence Malick, Lubezki has earned his place in the pantheon of modern cinematographers. His profile is a true source of inspiration, offering a multitude of stunning landscape shots and emotive portraits.

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