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Cisco cable boxes are a great treat for cable and receiver enthusiasts. Here's everything you need to know about setting your own up.

How to set up a Cisco cable box

Cisco cable boxes are a great treat for cable and receiver enthusiasts. They let you experience channels that are in high definition from a plethora of devices you connect it to. There are many forms of the cable box, some in the form of an adapter and some as spectrum receivers. They may seem a bit overpriced, but you can get used Cisco from Northland systems for a pretty affordable range on different websites.

Once you get your hands on one, it can be tricky to set these up. That is why today, we have compiled a step-by-step guide that will help you to learn how to set up a cable box. Just follow the steps below and enjoy a list of HD channels on your television screens.


Opening up the box

The first step for installing any Cisco device to your television is to check if all the parts came with it. You will receive the digital transport adapter or cisco cable box in the box. Even if you have purchased an old one, it should have these in the package. 

Next, a coaxial cable and power cord should also be in the box. The remote control is also needed to browse your cisco cable box channels. Once you have checked all the items in your package, you can start with a quick setup.

Locating the coaxial cable

The first step is to locate the coaxial cable. This is the cable that delivers the cable signals to your television screens. If your television screen is already connected to a coaxial cable, you need to remove the cable from the television first. 

After you have unscrewed your cable, you have to connect the coaxial cable to the back of the cisco cable box or digital transport adapter. You will find a spot at the back with the word “cable in” written on it. Connect the coaxial cable there.

Coaxial cable with TV

Nextly, use the coaxial cable you have received in your package to the back of the cisco cable box in the port that says “to TV.” 

Then you would have to connect the other end of the same cable to the back of your television screen, where you previously unscrewed the previous coaxial cable from. 

Standard definition TV

If you have a standard-definition television, you have to set the switch at the back of the digital transport adapter to 3. You will see a switch moving between 3 and 4 and you have to push it towards three. Then you have to turn on the TV and switch to channel three on your TV. 

Connect the DTA cable outlet

Now, all you have to do is connect the power cord you have found in the package to an available electrical outlet near the TV. The other end of the power cord has to be placed in a port at the back of the cisco box, labeled the “+5 volts DC in”

Turn the DTA on

Lastly, you have to turn it on, with the help of the remote you have received along with the package. If your remote doesn’t seem to be paired with the cable box, you can do so by placing batteries in it and then pressing CBL and “select”, clicking the cable mode, dialing in 003, and pressing the CBL button again. This will surely get your pairing done.

Browsing channels

You can now browse through the different channels and enjoy great television through Cisco cable tv.


A Cisco cable tv is a great device that will enhance your television experience. Although it may have seemed complicated to set it up, you can easily set the Cisco cable box with your television and enjoy it with the steps above.

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