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Space hurricanes are real, but can they hurt you? Discover how these hurricanes form and if they can impact you on Earth.

The unprecedented amount of snow hitting Texas has turned the state upside-down. See the craziest photos and footage from Winter Storm Uri here.

Could Winter Storm Uri go from freezing to deadly? Discover how power outages are affecting millions in Texas and what the state's response has been.

When the weather outside is frightful. Winter storms can cause some damage, and huge car pileups are a result. Read about the 66 car pileup here.

Winter Storm Gail has left much of the northern U.S. covered in snow, but people are still having fun. Here's the best memes from the storm.

It may not have been an accident that California is on fire. Police investigated incidents near existing wildfires and already arrested suspects for arson.

Hurricane Laura made landfall in Louisiana on Thusday, leaving devastation behind. Learn more about the biggest hurricane in the state's history.

Did you know it snowed chocolate in Switzerland? Read more strange weather alerts here, including some that could be UFO sightings.

Torrential rains have ravaged Chinese provinces, causing severe flooding & landslides. How will China be impacted as this hazardous weather persists?