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DoorDash and Grubhub are being sued for deceptive practices. Will you still be able to get your favorites on the app? Check out the details of the case!

Will America have fifty-one states? Read all about the news of Washington D.C. becoming a new state, and find out why the issue pertains to civil rights.

Even with a third coronavirus vaccine on the way, people are still struggling to sign up for just one! Why Washington D.C. tech is dropping the ball.

Hoping to take Megabus to Washington D.C.? Megabus canceled all their tickets to and from the nation's capital. Read about the move here.

Trump supporters are storming the Capitol Building. Here are the details we currently have on the quickly developing situation.

A leader of the group known as the Proud Boys was arrested in Washington D.C. Why was he arrested and why does this matter?