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Here’s our ranking of the top ten crime shows in a similar vein as HBO's 'Sharp Objects' that are anything but procedural.

What we’re interested in today is: who exactly is the mole screwing up Teresa’s business in 'Queen of the South' S4?

To mark the release of 'Queen of the South' season four, we wanted to remind you of where we left our cast of crooks at the explosive finale

'Queen of the South' has the rhythmic, pulsating electronic score that perfectly matches the moments of tension throughout the show.

To mark the release of 'Queen of the South' S4, here are all the reasons Teresa Mendoza will always be the Queenpin of our hearts.

During a 12-hour period when all crime is legal, a group of seemingly unrelated characters cross paths in a city in an altered America in 'The Purge'.

'Mr. Robot' follows a cyber-security engineer who becomes involved in the underground hacker group fsociety after being.

'The Sinner' is a murder mystery that stands above the rest. Here’s a rundown of eight moments from the first season that really creeped us out.

This week, Christian Slater suggested the fourth season of 'Mr. Robot' could possibly be its last. While nothing has been confirmed and some rumors suggest a fifth could