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Whether you’re simply busy working this whole summer or just don’t have the money to get away, here are twenty movies you can stream online that will make

Light some candles with your faves, sit in a circle, and chant some thanks to whatever your chosen streaming service may be, because this our ranking of the

With its grief-stricken terror and insidious, haunted household, Ari Aster’s 'Hereditary' is the latest in a number of brooding domestic horror movies that have hit theaters in recent

After being released over the weekend, Hereditary has got audiences all over America talking. The movie has been dubbed one of “the scariest ever made” since its premiere

Here’s our ranking of the eight scariest films where the monster takes root within a family, a relationship, a romance, or a bedroom, and tries to destroy it

Whether witchcraft is part of a surprise reveal at the end of the movie, a witch is depicted with subtlety and suggestion, or witchcraft is used as a

Prepare to scare all your elders by throwing some devil horns into the air and listening to records on reverse because Hulu is developing a show called 'Demons'.

Steeped in romanticism, gothic horror movies tend to revolve around a central story of love at odds with a supernatural world and a period story haunted by an

There’s a lot of anticipation for Robert Eggers’s follow up to 'The Witch' but so far very little is known about 'The Lighthouse'. Here’s our ranking of the