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Hollywood is in a state of flux, crisis, and catastrophe right now with the Weinstein scandal having opened a can of worms upon the entire industry. Lena Dunham

Netflix & starve; bingeing more popular than eating It’s happened again, folks. The bar for happiness has been lowered. Bingeing TV is now rated as being more important than

Bajesus! What a week it’s been. Hollywood is still reeling from the horror show that is the Weinstein scandal, as stories of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior continue

Logline: Activist group in Paris fights through knocks & successes for AIDS awareness. Verdict: This festival favorite, winner of awards at Cannes, Hamburg, and London FFs, is finally hitting

We’ve had a stormy few weeks amid the ever-mounting allegations of sexual assault being levied against Harvey Weinstein – quite possibly the worst kept secret in Hollywood –

‘I Love You, Daddy’ is a bittersweet comedy that tells the story of a flawed man’s struggle to connect with his daughter and get back on his feet.

'Thelma' is a romantic supernatural thriller about a young woman who falls in love and discovers that she has terrifying and inexplicable powers.

I Love You, Daddy gets release date Louis CK’s festival favorite is scheduled for a Nov. 17th U.S. release date. The Orchard acquired the deeply dark comedy at TIFF

‘120 Beats Per Minute’ is inspired by director Robin Campillo’s time as a member of AIDS activist group Act Up during the early 1990s.