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Lionsgate has successfully fought off the competition to purchase global distribution rights for 'Blindspotting', the drama starring Daveed Diggs which opened this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The bidding

We here at Film Daily were stoked to take a break from the newsroom and sit down with writer & actor Tommy Swerdlow about his directorial debut. Telling

FX orders Ryan Murphy’s Pose to series; makes history with largest LGBTQ cast Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) is about to make history. He’s not alone, though. Kate Mara, James

Today we’ve got another edition in the timeless classic that we’re dubbing: men continue to suck. It seems that the sexual harassment scandal that broke with Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood is in a state of flux, crisis, and catastrophe right now with the Weinstein scandal having opened a can of worms upon the entire industry. Lena Dunham

Netflix & starve; bingeing more popular than eating It’s happened again, folks. The bar for happiness has been lowered. Bingeing TV is now rated as being more important than

Bajesus! What a week it’s been. Hollywood is still reeling from the horror show that is the Weinstein scandal, as stories of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior continue

Logline: Activist group in Paris fights through knocks & successes for AIDS awareness. Verdict: This festival favorite, winner of awards at Cannes, Hamburg, and London FFs, is finally hitting

We’ve had a stormy few weeks amid the ever-mounting allegations of sexual assault being levied against Harvey Weinstein – quite possibly the worst kept secret in Hollywood –