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What better way to prepare for Zombie Awareness Month than watching every single great zombie movie to sharpen up on your slaughtering skills?

FD’s got you covered with our picks of the best movies to catch at the theater. Travel back in time to 17th century Russia with 'The Seagull'; watch

Zombies are all fun and games, but did you know they might be a legit threat? May is Zombie Awareness Month and while that might sound like a

Oh boy, folks. This is it! Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero, the filmmaking dream team behind infamous bad movie 'The Room', are back with another jaw-droppingly bizarre feature

Premiering at the end of March, Steven Spielberg’s 'Ready Player One' is getting plenty of pre-release hype. So let’s dive in – here are all the essentials you

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the dynamic duo behind the Cornetto trilogy, have announced they are founding a production label for film and television, Stolen Picture. The first film