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Don’t go on a rampage just yet! 'Archer' is returning. Let’s enter the danger zone and find out what’s going on in season 11 of 'Archer'.

‘Archer’ season 11 preview: Are we finally back in the real world?

Don’t go on a rampage just yet! Archer is returning with season 11 this month and we’re preparing for an action-packed season. The FX animated comedy focuses on the wacky adventures of Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) & the dysfunctional spy agency he works for.

Fans of Archer have been sitting through three seasons of coma-induced insanity. Not knowing the fate of the fan-favorite characters has driven many up the wall. The last we saw of the team was Archer in a coma with his not-so-comforting mother by his side.

During season 10, we saw Archer finally awaken after three years of agonizing waiting. We got to see what the Archer characters had been up to since the accident & what could have changed for the group.

Is Abbiejean growing up like her crazy father? Will Lana be waiting by Archer’s side? Let’s enter the danger zone and find out what’s going on in season 11 of Archer.

You’re not our supervisor!

Executive Casey Willis has recently been discussing what we can expect from Archer’s latest season. During Archer’s coma, we managed to escape to many different realities, all of which were all exciting. From Dreamland (season 8), Danger Island (season 9), & then 1999 (season 10). 

Archer & Lana’s relationship has been teased throughout all of Archer and they always somehow hit an obstacle before they reach their happy ever after. In an interview with Collider, Willis discussed the relationship. “[. . .] there were other things that we wanted to explore, like Archer and Lana’s relationship, Archer and Lana meeting for the first time in these different scenarios, which we have never seen in the real world.”

Holy sh*tsnacks! Does this mean Archer & Lana may get their dream ending? It looks like Willis wants Archer to replicate Matt Groening’s The Simpsons & carry on for at least twenty-six seasons.

That’s how you get ants . . .

It looks like things may be returning to Archer’s version of normalcy. The team will be back to being a spy agency & we can’t wait to see the team mess everything up. We’ll also be treated to some spicy celebrity cameos including: Pamela Adlon, Simon Pegg, and  Jamie Lee Curtis.

Adam Reed will no longer be front & center in the Archer franchise. Reed will be taking a step back for a more reduced role since stating he only had a few more Archer stories in him. Casey Willis will be leading the team to what is hopefully another season full of irresponsible drinking followed by Archer’s repetitive phrases. The world’s greatest spy is awake & ready to take on evil in the . . . danger zone

Cheryl, Pam, Krieger, Malory, and Cyril will be causing havoc on our screens once again alongside the Archer & Lana bombshell. What do you expect from season 11 of Archer?

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