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With Chris Watts in prison for life and the Watts family deceased, the Chris Watts house sits empty. Here's the latest update.

There’s some new news in the twisty saga of the Watts family murders including Chris Watts's pregnant wife. Is their house for sale?

If Chris Watts & his cellmate weren’t getting it on behind bars, what was up with the underwear & petroleum jelly? Here’s what we know.

Let’s take a look back at the Facebook posts leading up to the tragic death Shannan Watts and her children.

Deciding which Chris Watts documentary to watch? 'American Murder' is definitely one of the most haunting Chris Watts movies out there.

Does Chris Watts, the man who killed his family, have a new girlfriend? Dive into the love letters Watts receives while serving time.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the house Chris Watts owned? Take a look at the house today and whether someone will buy it.

Did Chris Watts reveal the true motive for murdering his entire family? Discover what a new book and the upcoming Netflix movie might say.

Is Chris Watts showing remorse for murdering his family? Discover an update from a prison source that says he's sorry and decide if he is or not.