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If you've used this time to write your dream script, it's time for the world to see it. Find out why Script to Screens is the screenwriting prize

No Longer Human got her start directing music videos for top artists in Japan. But with a desire to tell stories, she became Japan's first VR script writer.

The table read can even be considered the most important part of your scriptwriting and selling process. Here's why.

Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s 'The Guide For Every Screenwriter' has become our go-to guide for scriptwriting. Here's why you need to read it.

Want to learn the secret of supercharging your screenplay and gaining a huge competitive advantage? We introduce to you the magic of the table read.

No one will ever take you seriously if you don’t finish and complete what you start. Learning how to get stuff done is an art, and takes practice.

Little details make all the difference when it comes down to the critique of your work. Here are twelve screenplay mistakes to avoid.

The Raindance Film Festival is one of the oldest and most respected fests on the circuit. Currently, Raindance is running a movie pitching contest with free entering, which

Whether you’re a first-time or student filmmaker, it can be a lonely life sweating over a script or shooting schedule if you don’t have a support network to