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Will MLM companies just go away? TikTok seemed to hear our prayers and banned these companies from their platform. Discover why they're still there.

Recruiting people to NXIVM worked a lot like an MLM program says ex-member India Oxenberg. Here's everything you need to know.

Herbalife had it stock numbers drop drastically on Friday thanks to an indictment from federal prosecutors. But what did the nutritional MLM do?

Judges are realizing the NXIVM cult wasn’t just about sex slaves; it was also a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme on steroids. Find out why.

It’s not uncommon for MLM companies to end up being investigated by legal authorities. Here are the most insane claims.

Many forget that under all the sex cult activity, NXIVM was a MLM organization. But it wasn't the first one Keith Raniere started.