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Jack the Ripper was an infamous serial killer who terrorized London in 1888. Is his face truly carved onto a cane?

In the halls of the history of true crime, there is one unsolved case that everyone will know. Here's what we know (or don't know) about Jack the

The viral popularity of crime shows continues to rage on like a mad killer on a serial spree. Take a stab at our list of favorites on Netflix.

Itching for a new scary bedtime story? 19th century London has another one for you. Leap into the legend with us as we explore Spring Heeled Jack.

True crime never looked so convoluted. Before Jack the Ripper, there was the Servant Girl Annihilator. Here's what you need to know.

Jack the Ripper was never identified. Here are all the clues that we think indicate Aaron Kosminski could have been the serial murderer Jack the Ripper.

People still ask who's Jack the Ripper? The mystery surrounding this British serial killer has predictably spurred many shows and movies. Here are the best.

Ahh, the British: a most civilized and proper people. Let’s go through some of the United Kingdom’s most famous serial killers.

Jack the Ripper is the serial killer to which all other serial killers are held up to. Who's Jack the Ripper? Let's find out!