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We’re turning our attention to the scariest screenplays so you can find out how to bring the chills with your writing skills.

Learn about writing is from the work of other screenwriters. Check out our list of the best Cannes movie screenplays from over the years.

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When was the last time a jump scare managed to do that? Here are five genuinely disturbing horror movies that go beyond the jump scares.

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Horror has always been a polarized genre – decades of box office results and unnecessary sequels mixed with poor critical acclaim. Yet audiences repeatedly return, proving their incessant

Every publication might have their own take on the movies they’re most excited about seeing from Cannes 2018, but here at Film Daily these are the Cannes Film

Luca Guadagnino’s highly anticipated remake of 'Suspiria' will drop on November 2. If you need to swot up on your exploitation movies in the lead up to the

Ready yourself for a collective groan, because the 2018 Cannes Film Festival is upon us, bringing with it a set of archaic rules, a soapy opening ceremony, and