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'Mickey Hardaway' feels like a story we heard before, because we've all dealt with it. Get the tea on this heartbreaking short film.

Betty is breaking out with a new fashion short film, 'Wounded Girl'. Discover the behind the scenes story of the new project.

'You Are Not A Soldier' is an anti-war film at its heart. Get to know the directors trying to bring war photographer Andre Liohn's story to life.

Barbara Lee is one of the most influential political figures of recent history. Check out her legacy immortalized in 'Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power'.

'Feral State' could easily be the blockbuster of the summer from writer/director Jon Carlo. Watch the trailer for the new thriller now.

The music video for Cristina Malakhai and Bellringer's song "Distance", directed by Stefany Rojo, perfectly encompasses the message of the song.

Leena Pendharkar had a hit on her hands thanks to the 2018 film '20 Weeks'. Now, she returns with another heart-wrenching film 'Awaken'.

'Kabullywood' captures the beauty of art in Afghanistan even in the darkest of times. Read our interview with film director Louis Meunier on the movie.

'On a List' takes stereotypical romcom tropes and reinvents them into a moving and personal web series. Here's why you need to binge it now.