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Director Lucia Senesi broke onto the indie film scene in 2016 with her directorial debut, and she's back with a new short, 'A Short Story.'

Zenith Ander has been making waves in Hollywood, and her latest web series 'Roommates' proves she's got the talent to make far.

Pablo Bobadilla's first foray into the TV world is through the web series 'Smoking Gun'. But it's not just some boring old sci-fi show.

A.R. Hilton may have spent time behind bars, but that didn't stop him from becoming a film director. His first feature 'Anonymous Killers' is finally here.

'Rootless' is the latest short film from director Zhojian Cong, and takes a look at the dark underground world of crime, but has an even darker message.

Julian Olariu is known for experimental short films, and his latest short film 'Above the Angel' is no different, tackling a difficult subject matter.

Jaclyn Bethany is telling diverse stories as a filmmaker. Her latest film, 'Indigo Valley', continues her trend of innovative filmmaking.

Goh Ming Siu and Scott C. Hillyard have collaborated on their first film together, 'Repossession'. The horror feature is starting its film festival circuit.

Jamal Rashad has been telling important stories his whole life, and 'Jack and Jill' is no different. He's using his platform to give survivors a voice.