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There are lots of films that are inspired by real life serial killers. Here's a rundown of the most notable examples.

It's almost like looking in a mirror: Andrei Chikatilo was a man with a position of authority. But one wrong move, and suddenly he was a serial killer.

Who would've thought Hannibal Lecter had Mexican origins? Pour yourself some Chianti and read all about Alfredo Ballí Treviño and his gruesome crime!

If you need soem movies to binge on Netflix then we suggest turning off the lights and giving these horror films a try.

There's no TV show out there that did it like 'Hannibal'. Nothing can come close to the drama or horror elements. We demand a season 4 of the

Any fan of 'Hannibal' can tell you about the show that was cancelled at its prime. Now that it's getting put on Netflix, it's time to revisit the

It's bad enough if cannibals attack unwilling participants. But Armin Meiwes had a willing participant that he murdered and ate.

Unleash those innermost dark thoughts. We want to see your most disturbed ideas for the 'Hannibal' episodes that never were.