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It’s late June in Los Angeles, and that means: June gloom is about to give way to summer. Find out what Dances with Films has in store.

Our new indie movie obsession is Joe Zanetti’s high-intensity thriller debut feature Killbird, which premiered at 2019 Dances with Films this June.

Don’t miss 'The Sympathy Card' on June 22nd at 12:30 pm at Dances with Fims. Catch the world premiere of this heartfelt LGBTQ+ romcom.

Our indie movie of the day today is 'Wowzers', a thriller telling the story of Jacqueline (Sam Fox), a tormented young woman haunted by a recurring dream.

Our indie movie of the day is 'Driven', which will hold its west coast premiere at Dances With Films on Saturday the 15th of July at 7:30pm.

Today our indie movie of the day is 'The Land', which is premiering at the world-famous film festival Dances with Films on Monday.

'Would You Like to Try Again?' is the female-driven gamer short film of our dreams. Here’s why you need to catch the short film at Dances with Films