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Don’t miss 'The Sympathy Card' on June 22nd at 12:30 pm at Dances with Fims. Catch the world premiere of this heartfelt LGBTQ+ romcom.

Here’s your new LGBTQ+ movie obsession: ‘The Sympathy Card’

Planning to be at Dances with Films in L.A.? If y’all makin’ it to the festival event, don’t miss The Sympathy Card on June 22nd at 12:30 pm. Here’s why you’ll want to catch the world premiere of this heartfelt LGBTQ+ romcom.

The Sympathy Card is an LGBTQ+ genre film centering on an unconventional lesbian love triangle. Three women traverse same-sex marriage, cancer, and deathbed-ordered hall passes in this movie directed by Brendan Boogie starring Petey J. Gibson, Nika Ezell Pappas, and Lauren Neal.

The inspirational lesbian romcom covers the universal themes of making difficult choices, the challenges of relationships, and the fear of loss.

The Sympathy Card was written, directed, and edited by award-winning filmmaker Brendan Boogie.

The film was co-produced by Boogie and costar Petey J. Gibson (Transparent, Grace and Frankie, Broad City) who plays Emma, the dying cancer patient who insists anxiety-ridden wife Josie, played by Nika Ezell Pappas (Netflix’s Nia on Vacation), use the “sympathy card” to get laid and start dating a free-spirited florist, Siobhan, played by Lauren Neal (The Lovely Rejects, Spicy Wit).

The Sympathy Card is an Official Selection in the Fusion category at Dances With Films, screening on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 at 12:30 p.m. at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

Co-producer & costar Petey J. Gibson says, “We believe the lesbian community deserves a really fresh take on a lesbian love story that isn’t another ‘coming-out’ movie. Telling stories in the LGBT+ community—especially complex, funny, authentic stories—is vitally important. We bring the lesbian community to life in The Sympathy Card—the nuances, the love and celebration, the humor—with fully realized women.”

Director Brendan Boogie adds, “As a straight cis male, I try to be aware of my privilege. Most movies in the history of cinema have been made by and for people who look like me. It was important to me that we did justice to theLGBTQ+ community.

“Very early on, I enlisted as many queer collaborators and advisors as possible. Petey Gibson led the charge on making sure all voices were heard and considered at every stage of production. I feel strongly about doing my part to bring experiences other than my own to the screen.”

The Sympathy Card was shot in the Boston area featuring an all-local team made up of 75% female and 33% queer-identifying crew members. Several local queer-owned businesses such as Inman Oasis and City Girl Café were used as locations, and the Boston LGBTQ+ community was incredibly supportive.

The film is loaded with laugh-out-loud humor, including scenes of anxiety attacks, sexual domination, and bad first dates. Emma even threatens to haunt Josie from the afterlife if she doesn’t go out and get laid.

Gibson adds, “The film also tackles cancer and end-of-life issues in a genuine, funny, and non-saccharine way. While many movies shy away or sentimentalize death, The Sympathy Card invites the audience to feel love and grief.”

For more information, visit The Sympathy Card website and follow the movie on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Make sure you get your tickets now.

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