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No doubt fans are upset 'The Big Bang Theory' has made its exit. But after twelve seasons, we’d say it’s had a pretty good run. Plus, it stinks.

In 'Disjointed', Kathy Bates plays a lifelong advocate for legalization finally living her dream as the owner of an Los Angeles cannabis dispensary.

An aging actor, who long ago enjoyed a brush with fame, makes his living as an acting coach in 'The Kominsky Method'.

After a couple of challenging years, the hit Fox show 'New Girl', starring Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson, came to an end this week. With this in mind,

This is why we can’t have nice things – Fox has cancelled 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', which means the network is officially on our shitlist right now. We need the

Is everyone frustrated with seeing these same blank women on TV who share barely any personality and embody the same tiresome tropes that have been getting churned out

Do you like drugs? Yes? You’re a normal human being. No? You’re a sensible human being. My mouth is watering? You should probably seek help. Yes, today we’re on