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Here’s Film Daily's ultimate guide to the Netflix sci-fi TV shows and movies you should check out and what you should avoid.

Netflix has a helluva lotta cash to splash on hot content – just check out some of its most expensive TV shows and movies to date.

Taking a chance on the latest in Netflix’s library like some kind of streaming connoisseur with a tub of ice cream and a blanket is becoming more popular

In the same week Cannes announced a ban on Netflix Originals, evident industry purist Steven Spielberg also offered a glib criticism of Netflix, the quality of its movies,

Do you remember when going to the cinema was the highlight of the weekend? The smell of the popcorn, the anticipation as the trailers rolled, the potential makeout

Life as a sci-fi fan wasn’t always easy Back in its early days, the science-fiction genre was for members of a fringe cultural niche, considered to be the preserve

In light of Netflix’s shock acquisition of ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’, Film Daily’s looking at some of the streaming site’s most costly screenings to date. Some have grown into