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From automatic saving to budget planning, take notes as you learn more about how Bright has everything you need to start building your credit!

When is the best time to start building credit?

Building your credit is the most important part of your financial journey and it’s never too soon to start. Your credit score is impacted by your debt to income ratio. Meaning, it gets higher with the more money you make and the less of it you owe.

A high score lets creditors know you are reliable and can be trusted to make payments in a timely manner. Unfortunately, though, making timely payments can be hard. Credit card debt, in particular, can put you behind and drag your credit score down as a result.

Bright is super app that helps you pay off your credit cards faster. Bright offers two smart solutions, Bright Balance Transfers and Bright Credit Builder. Bright Balance Transfers are built to work for everybody. There’s no credit check required, so there’s no risk to your credit score. Bright Credit Builder is an easy way to boost your credit score.

Bye bye debt!

Keeping up with all of your payment deadlines can be a real hassle. There are so many in one month that even when you make a budget, some can get left behind. It makes it hard to feel like a responsible adult when there’s always a bill to catch you off guard.

However, Bright deals with all of those payments for you. Their MoneyScience system breaks down your credit cards as well as their payment deadlines. Then, it automatically collects the gathered data into a one-stop-shop on the Bright website.

Storing your payment deadlines in one virtual place greatly decreases your chances of ever missing a payment again. It even decreases the amount you pay in interest fees. All in all, you stand to save up to $750 by relying on Bright for your credit building needs.

Credit boost

Good credit is a product of consistently making on-time payments and lowering your credit utilization. When you miss payments, your credit score suffers. When you use too much of your credit, your credit score also suffers. This is where Bright comes in to save the day.

It takes over the messy stuff and makes timely payments & lowered credit use automatic. No more figuring out the math or even dealing with a complicated application process. All you have to do is plug in your information and let Bright do the rest.

More savings

It’s never too early to start building credit, but it’s best to do with a steady income. Young people can start working in most places as early as sixteen-years-old. Therefore, you can start building credit just as soon and get an early start in improving your credit score.

Starting earlier also gets you in the habit of saving your money. Bright helps you build your savings automatically. However, it also encourages you to set goals. How do you want to spend your money? Do you want to save for a big trip or car or a house?

With the help of Bright, you can be intentional about how you spend your money. It’s up to you to make little changes like eating out less or staying home every now & then. Your hard work combined with Bright’s automatic efforts will help you reach your goals more often.

Build a budget

The best way to build credit is by building a budget. It helps you become more familiar with your monthly expenses. It also gives you an understanding of just how much income you bring in to cover those expenses on a monthly basis.

This can be a simple process for some, but it can also be nerve-wracking. That’s why Bright offers an AI-driven plan tailored to your financial needs. MoneyScience then builds you a personalized financial plan designed to get you more quickly out of debt.


Once again, it’s never too early to start building credit. Yet, it’s never too late, either, to start building your wealth. Bright provides you with the tools you need to do both. Building credit can be a real hassle. It involves ups and downs that, for some, make building it at all seem impossible.

Let Bright guide you toward the promising future of a better financial journey. Don’t let the choppy waters of bettering your funds stop you from achieving a higher credit score. Navigate with confidence when you use Bright!

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