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'Twin Peaks' is back on our screens 27 years after the original series. Who better to learn about the phenomenon than from its self-proclaimed superfans?

If every 'Twin Peaks' fan is being honest, we all expected the Emmy nominations to completely screw over what we all know to be one of the greatest

Continuing to provide madness, mirth, and existential musings to the world, David Lynch has a new book out and it’s everything fans on the unique filmmaker could hope

To celebrate the wit and wisdom from the genius brains behind 'Twin Peaks', 'Mulholland Drive', 'Blue Velvet', and 'Wild at Heart', here are David Lynch’s ten most inspiring

Possibly one of the most divisive American filmmakers of all time, the work of David Lynch commonly draws only one of two things – incorrigible amounts of ire

Last week, IndieWire published a piece on Dean Hurley – David Lynch’s supervising sound editor & long-time employee – to find out how he worked with Lynch to

It’s been 28 years since David Lynch won the Palme d’Or for his strange 'Wizard of Oz' inspired road trip romance 'Wild at Heart'. Here are seven of

Born on May 17 1936, Dennis Hopper would have been celebrating his 82nd birthday this year. The revered Hollywood icon sadly passed away in 2010, but his legend