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Here’s Film Daily's ultimate guide to the Netflix sci-fi TV shows and movies you should check out and what you should avoid.

Here's our list of the most Instagrammable apartments of your fave bingewatches, from 'Altered Carbon' to 'Grace and Frankie'.

So now that there’s a 'Westworld'-shaped hole left in your weekly viewing schedule, why not check out some of these shows to see if they’re a good fit

There is no doubt that Netflix creates exceptional original content, and its 2015 acquisition of '3%' is no exception. The streaming giant first aired this brilliant dystopian series

Netflix has a veritable feast of a back catalogue available to stream on command. We thought we’d ignore obvious hits such as 'Stranger Things' and Marvel’s exercises in

Netflix had the opportunity to make a giant leap with the 'Lost in Space' remake. Playing off the campy 60s sci-fi classic, the show promised to offer a

Network TV has been the talk of the town of late what with the release of the long-awaited 'Roseanne' return. However, Netflix has all kinds of tricks up

If you felt disappointed by the lack of male full frontal nudity in gay romance Call Me by Your Name, get in line, because screenwriter James Ivory is

Life as a sci-fi fan wasn’t always easy Back in its early days, the science-fiction genre was for members of a fringe cultural niche, considered to be the preserve