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'The Crown'’s new season (season 5) just started filming in July 2021. When will Netflix release this new season?

When can we stream ‘The Crown”s new season on Netflix?

The Crown’s new season (season 5) just started filming in July 2021, and it’s set to premiere sometime in 2022. Where has this show been, and where is it going? Let’s look back at this amazing series so we can see what the future has in store.

Seasons 1 & 2: The reign begins

At the start of the series, Prince Phillip of Greece & Denmark marries Princess Elizabeth, and the two go to Malta together. They go back to England as Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, is treated for illness – an illness that turns out to be terminal. And so, Elizabeth soon becomes the new ruler of the United Kingdom.

It certainly isn’t an easy job. Between drama in the courts, the balancing of public opinion, visiting those under the British Empire, and maintaining her marriage to Phillip, Elizabeth finds herself in quite the situation. But she manages to handle it all with unparalleled grace & class despite everything thrown her way. 

These seasons cover the years 1947 to 1964, going over almost twenty years of history. It is quite a feat, and it made us wonder where The Crown’s new season will go from here. 

And things only get more and more interesting . . . .

Seasons 3 & 4: Twists & turns

From the first moon landing of 1969 to the Aberfan Disaster, quite a few historical events hit our poor Queen Elizabeth in seasons 3 & 4 of The Crown.

Our beloved monarch is also played by a different actor than the previous two seasons: Olivia Colman stars as Elizabeth here, and she does a fantastic job bringing this historical character to life. Many others were also recast for this season, such as Prince Phillip, who is played here by Tobias Menzies, not Matt Smith from seasons 1 & 2.

Season 3 takes a more international approach, as we see Elizabeth both travel to different parts of the world and react to events across the globe that affect England. It’s certainly great to get a more international view on matters, a trend that really came to prominence in season 2, and continued here.

We also get the introduction of a prominent, notorious new character: Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of England from 1979 to 1990. Gillian Anderson truly captures the ruthlessness of the political leader, and it’s fun to see her and Elizabeth clash throughout season 4.

In addition, season 4 serves as the introduction of Princess Diana, a very well known historical figure who is best known for her humanitarian work and her tragic death. She is played excellently by Emma Corrin, and we see up close her whirlwind marriage to Prince Charles, as their ups and downs are given close focus. Though we know how things will end, seeing the journey is just as exciting.

Seasons 3 & 4 cover 1964 to 1990, almost thirty years! It’s exciting to see this historical narrative approach the present day, and we can’t wait to see where the show goes from here.  We’re greatly anticipating The Crown’s new season.

Season 5: What’s to come? 

In the new season of The Crown, Queen Elizabeth has once again been recast: this time, she’s being played by Imelda Staunton. There have been other recastings, of course (Lesley Manville now plays Princess Margaret, for example), but that of Queen Elizabeth is the most significant.

Netflix’s UK & Ireland branch confirmed via Twitter that after season 5 of The Crown, there will be a sixth & final season. What eras of time will be in the new episodes? How far in time will the show go? However they portray Elizabeth, it will certainly be an interesting watch.

How about you? What are you looking forward to most about season 5? Are you excited to see how they capture history in these upcoming episodes? Comment and let us know!

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