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What if we told you that that indecisiveness has been preventing you from wasting your time on bad movies? Here are the best shows on Amazon Prime.

The best shows to watch on Amazon Prime

Are you looking for a TV series to spice up your boring weekend? Check out these top-rated movies on Amazon Prime.

Top TV series you don’t want to miss on Amazon Prime 

Movies have long become an integral part of our lives. Needless to say, they’re an excellent source of information and motivation. However, we can all attest to the fact that having this knowledge does not save us from the occasional setbacks when it comes to deciding what to watch – especially when you’ve seen so many movies that nothing new seems to be good enough. 

What if we told you that indecisiveness has been something that has been preventing you from wasting your time on bad movies? That’s right – it’s in situations like these that you need to listen to your inner voice the most. On the other hand, a good movie with an excellent plot and actors is timeless, regardless of the number of times you’ve watched it.

With that in mind, let’s check out some of the best stuff on Amazon Prime. 


The first on our list of all-time classic TV series is Friends, an American sitcom series that revolves around the lives of six individuals who make the viewers laugh while dealing with their everyday problems. It’s nearly impossible for anyone who grew up in the late 1990s to forget the main characters.

There’s Chandler Bing, a guy who always makes other people laugh; Joey Tribbiani, a struggling actor and womanizer; Phoebe Buffay, a musician and masseuse; Racheal, a girl with a pretty face; Monica Geller, a chef and the glue holding the group together; and Ross Geller, a paleontologist and Monica’s brother. 

Although it’s been over a decade since it first hit the screens, Friends is still one of the best TV series to check out for a good laugh.


If science fiction tickles your fancy, Continuum is just the ticket for you. The plot is set in the year 2077: the average person is at the mercy of big corporations. A resistance group is formed to combat growing injustice, but it fails to achieve its ultimate goal. Its leaders travel back in time to the year 2012 and accidentally take with them police officer Kiera Cameron. 

Having left behind a preteen son and a husband, Kiera is hell-bent on seeing her family again. She decides to frustrate the resistance’s every move in order to keep the timeline intact. 

Kiera has frequent verbal clashes with the resistance’s leaders but soon begins to wonder whether what she is doing is morally justifiable. Kiera also discovers that her coming to the year 2012 was no accident at all. Find out what lengths she’s prepared to go to to protect her family and ensure the survival of humanity.


If you were old enough in the early 2000s, then you’ve probably heard of this hit TV series. And in case you’ve never watched it, this is your chance to do so. Suits is an American legal drama TV series centered around the life of a high school dropout Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams). 

Mike gets a second chance to practice law under the tutelage of Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) despite never going to college. He has to live in constant fear that his secret might be exposed someday. 

Although Mike is really smart, he’s occasionally unable to keep his emotions in check while dealing with different legal cases. You wouldn’t want to miss out on what makes the show so addictive: the occasional quick-witted verbal exchanges between Donna and Harvey.

The Big Bang Theory

Another excellent belly-busting sitcom. If you think The Big Bang Theory was only made for geeks and bookworms, you’re wrong. The plot revolves around the lives of seven scientists and Penny, a wannabe actress and part-time waitress. Sheldon’s peculiar quirks and mannerisms are sure to make you fall in love with the show. 

The success of The Big Bang Theory caused the creators to make a sequel dedicated to the childhood of Sheldon, Young Sheldon. This fact alone should be enough to make you want to watch the original.

Grey’s Anatomy

If you know Shonda Rhimes, you know anything she writes is bound to be a big hit with the readers. The same can be said about 2005’s Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re looking for a TV series filled with romance, tragedy, suspense, drama, superstition, and a touch of medical science, it’s exactly what you need. 

Over the years, there have been a number of TV series dedicated to the lives of doctors and the miracles they perform. However, none of them was as successful as Grey’s Anatomy. One would think being the daughter of a renowned doctor and a Harper Avery Award winner is a solid route to find out how much damage divorce and constant child neglect can do to a person in their adulthood. 

Such is the story of Dr. Meredith Grey. Although she walks in her mother’s footsteps and is the envy of her colleagues, her life is far from being a bed of roses. As you’ll later discover, she’s constantly haunted by moral trauma, a feeling of loss, and all kinds of tragedies. 

But it’s not all that bad because Dr. Grey had the support and love of her best friend Dr. Christina Yang (played by Sandrah Oh), Dr. Alex Kharev (played by Justin Chambers), and her husband Dr. Derrick Shepherd. 

Orange is the New Black

The last on our list is the award-winning TV show Orange is the New Black. It’s not available on Amazon Prime but it’s biggest competitor, Netflix. The plot centers around the modern-day injustices that go on in American penitentiary facilities. But it isn’t all that bad as you might think. 

Although there are some heartbreaking and depressing scenes, Orange is the New Black really interesting to watch. The series stars Kate Mulgrew as Red, Tyler Schilling as Piper Chapman, Laura Prepon as Alex Vause, Uzo Aduda as Susan Warren, and Danielle Brooks as Taystee.

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