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Another holiday period is finally drawing to a close, the 2018 Christmas season rudely whipping off its veil of warmth & serenity to remind us we’ve got a

Although we never thought we’d see the day, it looks like 'The Big Bang Theory' is finally ready to sign off after twelve long seasons. Here's why we're

This Sunday marked the annual Teen Choice Awards – where young people go to celebrate all that is pop culture while surfboards are handed out to the best

The 34th annual TCA Awards came and went last weekend, with writer and producer Robin Thede hosting the event which hands out engraved glass trophies instead of little

The nominations for the 2018 Emmy Awards drop this week and we’re already anticipating that most of our faves will be left off the ballot with a lot

If you’ve seen even just one teen TV show from the 90s in your lifetime, you’ll understand what an after school special entails. However, in recent years there’s

Is everyone frustrated with seeing these same blank women on TV who share barely any personality and embody the same tiresome tropes that have been getting churned out

It’s that time of year again, folks! The time to find out which of your favorite TV shows are up for renewal, cancellation, or are stuck in the

If you look back on Baranski’s quirky career in TV and film you can see how the actor has always been an absolute boss – one who has