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'Search Party', a TBS comedy which is adored by fans, is no longer going to be airing on the cable channel. Here's where it's headed.

Is ‘Search Party’ going to HBO Max? All the shows being moved

HBO Max is the new streaming platform to vie for your hard-earned dollars. While people are feeling over inundated with streaming options, HBO Max is doing its very best to tout the biggest and best fan favorites to draw you in.

For starters, Search Party, a TBS comedy which is adored by fans, is no longer going to be airing on the cable channel, but will instead be on HBO Max. Search Party was renewed for a fourth season which will also premiere on the streaming service.

Cable shows being moved

Search Party isn’t the only cable show which will have its new seasons premiering on HBO Max. The adventure comedy Doom Patrol will have its second season on the streaming platform. As will the shows Esme & Roy and Summer Camp Island.

Popular movie franchises

Along with moving cable shows with already cemented fan followings, HBO Max is flaunting the classic favorites they have behind their paywall. They have an awful lot of favorites including the Harry Potter movies, DC superhero movies, and Studio Ghibli movies.

Fan favorite shows

If you recall, Friends was taken off of Netflix in a shocking & upsetting move for the large fanbase who rewatches the 90s sitcom whenever they want a pick me up. This was in large part due to the plans for HBO Max, who now has the sitcom for their launch day today.

Other bingeable old favorites which will be on HBO Max include Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Doctor Who, Rick and Morty, and The Big Bang Theory.

CW shows

If you’ve been someone who likes to watch CW shows on Netflix after the seasons are finished you may have to prepare yourself for future disappointments. While Supergirl just hit Netflix with its latest season, a lot of other CW shows will be putting their finished seasons on HBO Max. This includes the shows Katy Keene, Nancy Drew, and Batwoman – which all just finished airing their first seasons on CW.

It’s possible there will be some kind of grandfathering which allows shows like Supergirl and The Flash to keep putting their seasons on Netflix, while all the new CW shows will go directly to HBO Max. However, don’t be surprised if next year you’re looking for the next season of The Flash on Netflix and can’t find it.

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